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Food Production and Animal Welfare

When we leave the EU, we will leave the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) and regain the power to prioritise our own farming objectives, boost our own food security, reform our attitude to farming, animal welfare and wildlife management, and reinvigorate our rural economy.  
Farming, rural industries and rural skills have always been fundamental to our economy, our well-being, and our relationship with our countryside. Brexit offers us the chance to restore our seas, rivers, coasts, farmland, and uplands, and address the catastrophic collapse in quality habitat and wildlife species in our country, and the loss of the specialist craft trades and skills we need to manage them.
Naturally, farmers will be nervous about what might replace the CAP and the subsidy system they have become used to over forty years or so. However, UKIP will continue to make available to the agriculture sector funds that would normally be paid to them via Brussels. We will introduce a UK Single Farm Payment (SFP) that operates in a similar way to the present EU system.  
The major difference will be that UKIP’s SFP will be more ethical. It will end EU discrimination in favour of larger, intensive farms, and support smaller enterprises. Subsidies will be capped at £120,000 per year and, to make sure payments reach farmers, not just wealthy landowners, we will pay only those who actually farm the land. 
Anti-Microbial Resistance is a problem for society as a whole. UKIP will consider transferring some support to those livestock producers who commit to farming without antibiotics.
To qualify for subsidies, land must be used for genuine agricultural purposes and meet Entry Level Stewardship conditions (2013 rules), meaning it must be managed to certain environmental standards. Organic farms will be paid 25 per cent more, and additional support will be given to hill farmers. There will be no set-aside, cropping or rotation restrictions.
We think the British public will prefer and support UKIP’s approach. 
ANIMAL WELFARE Only when we have left the EU can we regain control of animal health and welfare issues. Currently, EU law prevents us from banning live exports for slaughter, and prevents us from labelling food that has been ritually killed as halal or shechita. UKIP campaigns against the EU’s  stance on both.   
It is worth noting that should Britain stay in the single market, we would still not be able to prevent the export and import of live animals destined for the meat trade and end the unnecessary suffering this causes. 
• Ban the export of animals for fattening and slaughter
• Tightly regulate animal testing, and continually challenge companies concerned regarding its necessity
• Install CCTV in every abattoir and deal severely with any animal welfare contraventions
• Forbid Jewish and Muslim methods of slaughter being carried out by unqualified individuals in unregulated 
premises, and deal severely with such transgressions
• Insist all meat labelling identifies the method of slaughter
• Triple the maximum jail sentences for animal cruelty
• Impose lifetime bans on owning and/or looking after animals on any individual or company convicted of animal cruelty
• Keep the ban on animal  testing for cosmetics