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Defending our National Health Service

THE NHS is Britain’s best-loved public service and one of the benchmarks of our civilised values. UKIP will keep the NHS free at the point of delivery and increase funding by diverting the £11 billion we will save by cutting the foreign aid budget directly into health and social care. 
Successive Labour, Coalition and Tory governments have overloaded the NHS with red tape and allowed it to be abused as an international, rather than a NATIONAL health service. The NHS is funded by the British people and should be for the British people.
A catalogue of failures has left the NHS in crisis. NHS Trusts are in deficit to the tune of £2.5 billion, hospital waiting lists for routine treatment have reached record highs, and tens of thousands of elective operations have been cancelled for nonclinical reasons. In January this year 23 hospitals could not guarantee patient care or safety. 
The Royal College of Nursing says we need 24,000 more nurses, and NHS Digital estimates there is roughly one GP vacancy for every two practices. 
1,500 doctors leave Britain every year for better pay and more relaxed working conditions in Australia or New Zealand. 
The NHS desperately needs additional funds. UKIP will provide NHS England with an additional £9 billion a year by 2021/22. An additional £2 billion for social care will fully utilise the savings we will make from the foreign aid budget.
MORE MEDICAL STUDENTS, DOCTORS, GPS, NURSES, AND MIDWIVES Despite our national doctor shortage, nearly 800 straight ‘A’ students are turned away from medical school every year. 
UKIP will lift the cap on medical school training places from 7,500 to 10,000 and make sure no suitable ‘A’ grade student fails to get a place. Provided medical students commit to working within the NHS for at least ten out of the fifteen years after they qualify, we will cover the cost of all their tuition fees. 
TACKLING THE  GP SHORTAGE Raising the cap on medical school places will help deliver the 10,000 additional GPs the profession needs by 2025. We will also introduce new funding arrangements incentivising doctors to work in geographical areas most in need. However, GPs are also grappling with heavy workloads and over-regulation. 
We will end appraisal and revalidation work that goes beyond that deemed necessary by the GMC, and reduce the burden of data collection and target chasing. 
UKIP will also fund the cost of streamlined ‘return to practice’ training, and encourage retired GPs or GPs with small children to work part-time or in job-share schemes. For doctors who have worked overseas, we  
will make re-registering with the UK General Medical Council much easier by recognising comparable qualifications, experience, and accreditation.
Introducing a wider range of healthcare professionals and clinical services into GP surgeries will also make general practice less stressful. 
We will fund additional support staff such as physician associates, clinical pharmacists and health visitors in GP surgeries, and allow practices  to operate a wider range of clinics, including minor surgery, where feasible. 
GIVING NURSES THE RESPECT AND RECOGNITION THEY DESERVE The NHS needs 24,000 more nurses and 3,500 more midwives, yet again potential students are being turned away, tens of thousands of them  every year. 
UKIP will increase the number of nurse training placements, reinstate funding for bursaries to cover nursing, midwifery 
and allied health professions’ tuition and accommodation costs, and cover the cost of  re-training for nurses who have taken career breaks. 
We will discontinue the one per cent pay increase cap  for frontline NHS workers earning less than £35,000 (Band 6). 
RELIEVING PRESSURE  ON A&E DEPARTMENTS UKIP will train more emergency medicine consultants and improve their working conditions. Emergency medicine consultants cannot be expected to work unreasonably extended shifts, repeated unsocial hours, excessive numbers of weekends, or be regularly forced to cancel leave. 
Every part of the health sector has a role to play in reducing A&E traffic. By improving access to and facilities in GP surgeries, keeping minor injuries units open, and sustaining funding levels for local chemists, we can start to address the A&E crisis.  
REMOVING BARRIERS BETWEEN THE NHS AND SOCIAL CARE 35,000 bed days are lost every month because of delayed transfers of care, and legal barriers can make it difficult to pass information between the two systems. The problems caused by our disconnected health and social care system will not be resolved unless the two are fully integrated. 
UKIP will establish a Department for Health and Care, and create a sustainably funded social care system assimilated into the NHS.
A NATIONAL, NOT AN INTERNATIONAL HEALTH SERVICE Treating those ineligible for care costs British taxpayers around £2 billion every year. UKIP will launch the toughest ever crackdown on ineligible foreign nationals using our NHS. 
Only British citizens or foreign nationals who have paid UK taxes for at least five consecutive years will be eligible for non-urgent NHS care. Anyone else must provide evidence of comprehensive medical insurance before being allowed to enter Britain and maintain that insurance for the duration of their stay. Urgent care will continue to be provided to all in need.  
We will close any loopholes in reciprocal healthcare arrangements, making sure reciprocity is like-forlike, and pursue any moneys owed to us. We will also tighten the application and approval process for EHIC cards and review the scheme as part of our Brexit negotiations with the EU. 
ACCOUNTABLE MANAGEMENT  To improve standards within the NHS, we will create the equivalent of a General Medical Council for NHS managers, making them subject to disciplinary control for the first time.  
Managers will require a statutory Licence to Manage. Removal of this licence would immediately bar them from working as a manager anywhere within the NHS. The wellbeing of staff is too important to allow incompetent, negligent or bullying managers to remain within the NHS. 
Managers and board members will be held individually accountable for poor decisions. Individual votes should be noted on significant or contentious matters.   
We will limit the amount that can be spent on an external management consultancy contract to £50,000. The annual £589 million cost is far  too high.  
BANNING LABOUR’S DODGY NHS DEALS Between 1997 and 2010, Tony Blair and Gordon Brown contracted private syndicates of hedge fund managers, bankers, and big property developers to design, build, and finance new hospitals and run non-clinical services. These syndicates charged interest rates so high, you might as well have called the scheme: ‘buy one hospital, pay for seven.’ 
These Private Finance Initiative (PFI) deals financed £11.8  billion worth of new build but will ultimately cost the NHS £79  billion. 75 per cent of the syndicates involved are based offshore, so they do not even pay UK taxes on these enormous profits. 
Labour is not the party of the NHS: Labour is the party that allowed the wealthiest in our society to laugh all the way to the bank at the expense of the NHS.  UKIP will end the use of PFI contracts within  the NHS.   
GUARANTEED RIGHTS FOR EU  HEALTHCARE WORKERS   Some 167,000 EU nationals work in the health and social care. UKIP has no hesitation in guaranteeing their right to remain here, whatever the EU decides with regard to the rights of British citizens overseas. 
LOOKING TO THE FUTURE The five-year political cycle encourages short-termism that is unhelpful to the NHS. For it to be fit for purpose for another fifty years, we need honest, open debate, and viable solutions to the NHS funding crisis that are free from political interference.  
UKIP will establish a Royal Commission to find a way forward that allows the NHS to hold fast to its values while meeting the challenges of the future.
Defending our National Health Service
WE STAND BY OUR 2015 MANIFESTO PLEDGES TO: • Scrap hospital car parking charges  in England.
• Abolish the Care Quality Commission, which has caused a vicious circle of misery. We aim to foster a culture of openness, honesty and challenge, not one of blame, shame and sanction. Our new inspection regime will include greater public accountability, extra protection for whistle-blowers, and increased scrutiny.  
• Scrap EU Legislation that has hindered the NHS such as the Clinical Trial Directive and the Working Time Directive.