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Creating Coastal Enterprise Zones

UKIP will make it a top priority to reverse the decline of our seaside towns. We will be the party that cares about coastal communities and does not write them off as being “at the end of the line”.
Our fishing industry has been all but destroyed by the Common Fisheries Policy, and many coastal towns have been pushed into decline with the rise of cheap package holidays abroad, and transport and infrastructure projects that have been skewed towards big cities. 
The great British seaside is well overdue a revival, and UKIP will create a new Coastal Towns Taskforce to oversee a raft of measures to regenerate those areas of the country that have suffered most as a result of our EU membership. NURTURING SEASIDE BUSINESSES Within our coastal enterprise zones, businesses operating from premises with a rateable value of less than £50,000 will receive a 50 per cent cut in business rates. Coastal towns will have top ranking when it comes to national successor funds to the European Regional Development Fund. Our new coastal towns taskforce will raise funding for new arts and heritage facilities in coastal towns.
HIGHER STANDARDS OF HOUSING Rundown housing has become an unfortunate hallmark of many coastal towns in decline. In coastal enterprise zones, local authorities will be given the power to: • Access low interest government loans to buy up and renovate poor housing stock or empty commercial properties, to create quality residential accommodation • Issue compulsory purchase orders for poor quality houses in multiple occupation • Introduce minimum standards for properties in receipt of housing benefit • Refuse housing benefit payments to landlords in breach of planning legislation. These policies, together with the resumption of Britain’s 200-mile maritime exclusive economic zone  – one of our key Brexit tests – will boost coastal towns and give our fishing industry the chance to rebuild.