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Britain United Under One Law For All

Britain has always welcomed people of whatever faith, nationality or creed who have wanted to make their home in this country, but a lack of vision for an integrated Britain has led to our society becoming more and more fragmented. UKIP will take integration as seriously as we have immigration, and we will not tolerate the intolerable. 
Over many years, the policy of ‘multiculturalism’ has fragmented British society by allowing new migrants to Britain to behave in exactly the same way as they would if they were still in their countries of origin. Multiculturalism has prevented criticism of certain religious beliefs and cultural practices, even those the overwhelming majority of British people would consider repugnant, and which threaten rights and equalities established in Britain  for decades. 
Nobody voted for multiculturalism, yet all of us are living with the results of it. It is generally those who have little interest in preserving British identity, or who are indeed hostile to the very idea of it, who champion multiculturalism most fiercely. They are vociferous in shutting down debate. 
UKIP will stand up for the equal rights of all people in Britain, and say we are proud of our country and its achievements, our values of free speech, democracy, independence, and patriotism. We will promote British values in our legal system, in our schools, and in our society.   
ONE LAW FOR ALL A society that can pick and choose what legal system it lives under gradually ceases to be a society at all. 
The growth of sharia councils is of great concern to the public, as is the apparent unwillingness of the political class to prevent them proliferating. UKIP will take action: we will establish a legal commission to draw up proposals to disband sharia councils.
It is simple: there should be one law for all.
EQUAL RIGHTS FOR ALL WOMEN If we compare the rights of women in the UK to those of the majority of women overseas, the contrast is striking. Acceptance of the concept of sexual equality is largely confined to a handful of economically advanced nations. Mass uncontrolled immigration has opened the door to a host of people from cultures with little or no respect for women, yet when their views have been challenged, some on the ‘Left’ of politics, in particular, have encouraged them to claim a ‘victim’ status they do not deserve.  
UKIP will challenge those who do not uphold the rights of women, or who set themselves on a deliberate collision course with core British values of equality, free speech and democracy. We will protect all women, regardless of their race, ethnicity or religion. Culture is not an excuse for crime, nor is ignorance of the law.   
STANDING UP FOR WOMEN IN  MINORITY COMMUNITIES  Every woman, indeed anyone who believes in women’s rights, should be outraged by the appalling practices occurring on a daily basis in minority communities across Britain. 
A new case of Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) is reported in Britain every hour. 14 NHS clinics in England deal exclusively with FGM cases and 65,000 girls are thought to be at risk of FGM. The practice of ‘breast ironing’ also appears to be increasingly prevalent in the UK, with around 1,000 cases identified. Some 11,000 incidences of socalled ‘honour’ crime were recorded by UK police forces during 2010-2014, and there were eighteen recorded cases of honour killings during the same period. Government research in 2011 found that 
between 5,000 and 8,000 people are at risk of being forced into marriage every year. 
UKIP will show zero tolerance to all these crimes and aim to eradicate them from our country. Bigots who shout ‘racism’ or ‘Islamophobia’ will not intimidate us. They legitimise the problem and demonstrate their ignorance. We are proud of our position. They need to get their moral compasses fixed.  
FEMALE GENITAL MUTILATION The Prohibition of Female Circumcision Act (1985) made FGM illegal, but there has not been a single successful prosecution. The current approach, which focuses on education and support alone, fails thousands of girls every year. In addition to current programmes, we will also:  
• Make failure to report a known instance of FGM a criminal offence
• Implement a screening programme for girls identified to be at risk of FGM from birth to age sixteen, consisting of annual non-invasive physical check-ups 
• Carry out additional check-ups on girls at risk when they return to the UK from trips to countries where FGM is known to be customary
• Make FGM an indictable offence (meaning it can only be heard in the Crown Court) with a sentencing starting point of six years. 
Measures similar to these are already law in France, which has a far better record than we have on preventing and prosecuting FGM. These policies are already proven to work. They will protect girls from FGM by deterring those who would harm them and help provide essential evidence to mount prosecutions when FGM has taken place. 
Prosecutions in France have played a vital role in getting parents to abandon the practice of FGM. Parents are complicit in allowing their children to be cut, and we will instruct police forces and the Crown Prosecution Service to rigorously investigate and pursue them, as well as those who actually commit the act. 
OTHER ‘CULTURAL’ CRIMES Women at risk from their own families and communities need our help and protection. UKIP will uphold the integrity of British law and ensure it applies to each individual equally, irrespective of his or her race, faith or ethnic origin. We will: 
• Make ‘breast ironing’ a specific criminal offence 
• Add ‘offences committed to protect family or personal honour’ to the Sentencing Council’s list of aggravating factors, giving leave to impose greater sentences
• Prosecute all cases of child and forced marriage and refuse permanent leave to remain and/or British citizenship to any adult known to have procured a child marriage for themselves or their children 
• Make certain that neither  the legal nor the welfare system in Britain ever recognises polygamy
• Include information on cultural crimes in safeguarding training for teachers, staff and  school governors. 
SHOW YOUR FACE IN A PUBLIC PLACE UKIP will ban wearing of the niqab and the burqa in public places. Face coverings such as these are barriers to integration. We will not accept these de-humanising symbols of segregation and oppression, nor the security risks they pose.
Suggestions that UKIP is undermining liberty with this policy are absurd. There is no human right to conceal your identity. If anything prevents liberty, it is the niqab, by preventing women from being perceived as individuals in their own right. We want to open opportunities to all women, so that they can participate fully in life and in the workplace. Clothing that hides identity, puts up barriers to communication, limits employment opportunities, hides evidence of domestic abuse, and prevents intake of essential vitamin D from sunlight is not liberating.  
We stand in solidarity with women worldwide who are rebelling against the imposition of the niqab  and burqa.  
ENDING ISLAMIST EXTREMISM IN  OUR SCHOOLS Three years ago, the ‘Trojan Horse’ scandal revealed how Islamists had attempted to take over several schools in Birmingham and use them to propagate their warped ideology. 
The plot nearly succeeded, and hundreds of young minds were at risk. We must never again be caught napping like this: we must wake up to the reality that extremism is taking hold in  our country. 
Until such time as the Muslim community is better integrated, UKIP proposes: 
• Immediately putting into Special Measures schools found to be exposing children to Islamism
• Giving schools the right to dismiss forthwith any teachers, members of staff or governors found to be actively supporting radical mosques or imams   • Requiring Ofsted to conduct snap inspections of schools when parents or pupils have raised  concerns that:  °  Girls are being offered unequal access to music, dance, PE or drama lessons, or are otherwise discriminated against °  Anti-Western, anti-Semitic, or antiequality views are being expressed by staff or governors   °  Muslim or non-Muslim pupils who challenge or do not share hardline views are being bullied or ridiculed. Strong actions, not political correctness, are needed now, or we will all suffer the consequences in the future.
 • Declare St George’s Day, April 23rd, as a Bank Holiday in England; and St David’s Day, 1st March, in Wales 
• End the use of multi-lingual formating on official documents. These will be published only in English and, where appropriate, Welsh and Gaelic 
• Protect religious freedoms in accordance with Article 18 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, provided those beliefs exist firmly within the framework of British law. We will not condone any faith position that is itself intolerant of the human rights of others