UKIP Chairman's Update

Dear Friend,

It's a very busy time for UKIP at the minute with an awful lot going on behind the scenes, so I've put together a few updates which are probably the most important things going on in the Party right now:

1. UKIP LEADERSHIP ELECTION - Applications Open!!

In order to apply, you will need to have registered to the MyUKIP website. Please ensure that you have done this before continuing with any application. 

You MUST familiarise yourself with the party rules which can be found and

There will be a downloadable nomination form provided. This form must be scanned and sent electronically as an attachment to your application. You should keep the hard copy for your own records which you will need to provide at a later date. Forms containing corrections will not be accepted. 

All nominations will require a proposer and 99 assentors drawn from at least 10 branches. 

In accordance with the NEC's criteria, on 14th June 2019 applicants  must have been a member of the party, in good standing continuously for at least  twoyears. 
A member  may propose only one candidate but may assent to as many candidates as he or she wishes. 

In the event that the same person has proposed more than one candidate, only the first valid nomination received at Head Office shall be accepted. 

Complete applications, including nominations MUST be received by the Returning Officer, Piers Wauchope by 5pm on 27th June 2019. Details of where to send your completed application form will be made clear when you apply. 

The NEC requires each candidate to attend a vetting panel interview to be chaired by the returning officer. The panel will hold interviews during the week following the deadline for the receipt of applications.  We will try to give as much notice as possible but there will not be any flexibility on the date of the interviews so please ensure that you are able to attend.

An application mabe withdrawn by a candidate by 5pm on 7th July, and 50% of the deposit paid will be refunded to that candidate.  
The Returning Officer will then send out to all candidates a list of those whose nominations have been accepted and shall then arrange for the printing of the ballot paper. 

In the event of there being more than two candidates, the NEC has determined that the election will be conducted under the Supplementary Vote system. The ballot paper will contain two columns in which the members may list their first and second preference. If no candidate receives an absolute majority of votes on the first count, all but the two leading candidates are eliminated and the second preferences of those who voted for the eliminated candidates are redistributed to help determine a winner.   

In order to secure your application, you are required to pay a non-refundable  application fee of £500. You will also need to pay a  deposit of £5,000, 50% of which shall be refunded upon polling at least 20% of the vote. Details of how to make these payments will be shown on the party website at 10am on 14thJune, when applications open.  

Candidates are entitled to have a full page entry in the Independence Magazinewhich will be distributed to the whole membership, and which will also contain the ballot paperIn order to qualify for a full page in the Independence Magazine, each candidate will be required to contribute an additional non-refundable £1,000 by 2pm on 10th July. The final proof of the full page entry must be provided to the returning officer by email by 4pm on 10th July. 

The count will take place in Newton Abbot on 10th August 2019, and the results will be announced that day.   


2. UKIP National Conference!

Conference is a great opportunity to chat with like-minded people about your passion for UKIP and politics. You can also book tickets to our famous evening events such as the Chairman's reception and Gala Dinner!

There's parking on site and plenty of hotels to accommodate all budgets close by. CLICK HERE for more information about hotels and getting to the venue.

We'll also be holding Policy Workshops so if you have thoughts and ideas about a particular policy area - This conference is for you!

Tickets and details

19th September - 6:30pm Chairmans Reception
20th September - 9am - 5pm Conference
20th September - 7pm - Gala Dinner
21st September - 9am - 5pm Conference

3. Being a member of UKIP and subscribing to the Brexit Party

UKIP's goal is, and always has been to get us out of the EU. We are grateful for anyone who has genuine motivation to work towards this goal but we've noticed that many members are also working with Brexit Party. Providing you are not an officer or a candidate for UKIP, this is absolutely fine! You can still be a member of UKIP and subscribe to the Brexit Party. 

UKIP takes data protection of our members very seriously and we are understandably cautious of people misusing it so if you think you might have been contacted by the Brexit Party or on behalf of the Brexit Party without your permission, please CLICK HERE to make a complete to the Information Commissioners Office.
4. Bridlington Council by-election

UKIP is fighting a council by-election in Yorkshire and our candidate Gary Shores needs your help!

If you can make to the town of Bridlington tomorrow, please meet the team at Bridlington Sports and Cricket club on Moorfield Lane, YO16 4LE at 10:30am. There will also be a stall in the town centre so pop by and show your support if you can. 

We will be campaigning in the area every Saturday morning but contact if you have any queries. 
5. UKIP members can now help us develop policy!

We've done it! We are now accepting submissions for policy development. UKIP members can register to and then submit a policy idea! Once a quarter, the NEC will consider the submissions and the best ones will be selected! Full credit will be given to the author and we'll announce the first of these at the National Conference! 

If you're already registered to MyUKIP and have a great policy idea - CLICK HERE to take a look!
6. Robin Tilbrook legal case
I know I said 5 but I've just thought of another one which may be of interest you. 

You may have heard that Robin Tilbrook, a Chairman of another political party has brought forward a legal case arguing that we have already left the EU.

I'm getting lots of queries about it but if you'd like to find out more, visit
I'll write with another update soon, but as always, thank you for your continued support to UKIP.

Best wishes,

PS. Tickets for the National Conference evening events are selling fast so Book Now to reserve your place
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