Trevor England

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Trevor was elected Chairman of UKIP Worthing West at the AGM in January 2016 and also serves as Secretary on the Social Committee 

I'm a married father of three and have had 
previous experience of being a Worthing Borough
Councillor. I've run my own photographic business in the town for 21 years, as well as being the Vice Chair of Maybridge Keystone Centre, a Youth and Community Facility. 
I believe in freedom of speech and properly representing residents’ views, rather than toeing
the Party line - only UKIP allow this. I believe in rejuvenating and improving our town, whilst being mindful not to overburden our schools and hospitals by over-development and
unrestricted immigration.
If all of the developments that have already been given planning permission (and the not-too distant Goring Gap housing development) actually get built, that would add an estimated
7,000 more people in Worthing. Our hospital can't cope now and the Tory led Council are doing
nothing to address this, but seem intent on building on every parcel of land in town.
The Coalition's Housing Demands will still not be met, where's next? They will have us all in tower blocks or building on our Downs!
We must stop and think. We must act and vote now. National issues do affect you and me.
Trevor England says:
● Our Hospital is suffering from the national cuts imposed on them, operations are being
cancelled and waiting times not being met, that's just not acceptable. We need to help our hospital now.
● Over-development and loss of public spaces is not acceptable. 
● We need Police to make our communities safer. The Tories promised no cuts to front line services - nationally we've 20,000 less Police Officers
and less police stations since they made that promise.