Sue Jelliss


Sue is the Editor of the UKIP Worthing West Newsletter
I have lived in Worthing for 30 years with my husband and 4 children. I also have 2 young granddaughters who I adore.

After having my own business for 13 years I then joined the NHS as an administrator and have 14 years service with them.

I enjoy baking, theatre and film, reading and spending time with my family.

I became a UKIP member when I realised that we were paying £55 million a day to be dictated to by Eurocrats and losing our sovereignty and individuality. We have a beautiful country and I believe our history and way of life should be preserved.

 Money for local services, not the EU

 Cut council executives and managers not public services

 Fighting for an end to open-door immigration

Sue Jelliss says:

  Less house building on Greenfield and Brownfield sites and floodplains

  Bring decision making back to the local community

  Make Worthing town centre a nicer place to be

UKIP at the Worthing Remembrance Service