Richard Setford

I’m a family man with wife, son and granddaughter. For more than 40 years I have worked in project management and the construction industry and ran my own retail business.

I was also a qualified amateur sports coach.

The EU impacts almost every aspect of British life. Our sovereignty has been stolen by this anti-democratic, secretive, unaccountable, corrupt and fiscally incompetent administration.

Democracy, freedom and justice are gravely threatened.

Through decades of lies, deceit and broken promises the Lib/Lab/Con remain united in their determination to keep Britain in Europe.

For those who want our country back, UKIP is the only hope.

 Give real decision-making power to local communities

 Committed to saving our green belt

 Fighting for an end to open-door immigration

Richard Setford says:

  Reduce excessive car parking charges to encourage trade and tourism

  I shall endeavour to give attention to expand facilities for the youth of Worthing

  Ensure that local opinions on planning matters are properly represented and upheld