Mike Jelliss

Contact me at mikejelliss@worthing ukip.org 

I was born in South London and worked for many years in London hotels. I have lived in Worthing since 1984 running my own business supplying and fitting Garage doors. 
I then worked part time as Night Manager at a Worthing Hotel. 
I am married with 4 grown up children and 2 grandchildren. 
Now retired I can spend more time on my interests in Politics, Family Research, Cooking and Computers being Web Master for www.worthingukip.org.

We have a beautiful country and I believe our history and way of life should be preserved,

I joined UKIP when I realised that many politicians were more interested in serving their own interests rather than Britain’s and that I could make a difference.

 As a member of UKIP, it’s very important to me that I’m free to vote as my conscience dictates and support the views of my constituents.

I believe that we should support the police and increase police officers on the beat to stop antisocial behavior and protect local people and property.

I am committed to stopping the ever increasing building of houses, especially on Greenfield sites and Floodplains, we must protect our countryside.

We have more people and less trees per acreage than any other EU country.