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Press Statement

UKIP is the only party that stands unequivocally for a clean Brexit
from the EU requires decisive and clear leadership and is a wonderful opportunity for the UK to forge a new role for herself in the world. 
Brexit represented a major shift in global politics, with a desire for national sovereignty taking precedence over the globalist agenda. 
I believe that the nation state is the best model for the government of human affairs, as politicians at Westminster are far more accountable than distant elites in Brussels. 
Voting for UKIP means restoration of full national sovereignty, the opportunity to become a truly global trading nation, and proper control of our borders.

As regards the A27 I support a proper bypass for Worthing also taking into account a similar solution for Arundel and Chichester. 
Any housing or other development needs to be properly managed to meet needs of local people and protect  the countryside. 
I support the continuing prosperity of the Worthing economy including the manufacturing and tourism sectors. 
Good education facilities are essential to our future and I support a wide variety of and proper funding of
educational provision, as well as continuing protection of local NHS services.
Overall, new development must be accompanied by expanded supporting