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Here’s my pennyworth to Peter Bottomley on the Brexit deal:

I write with regard to Theresa May’s Brexit deal currently being negotiated with the European Union. I would like to add my voice to those who believe this deal is totally unacceptable even though seen as a halfway house to full withdrawal from the EU eventually.

Right from the start of this process of extricating ourselves from the EU after the referendum result it seems that those holding the levers of power have treated the vote to leave as a mistake whose consequences must be managed to minimise the harm rather than a fantastic opportunity for the nation to forge a new destiny. Sadly Theresa May was a remainer and so lacked any conviction or passion that Brexit was the right way, evidenced by her refusal to personalise any support for Brexit, rather stating that ‘the British people voted to leave...,’ so we have suffered from a crisis of leadership over the last two years with no one at the helm with the long term vision or clarity to inspire the British people in a clean break from the EU single market and customs union, and indeed Europe wide political project.

At first you might have argued that Theresa May was the wrong person doing the right thing after encouraging pronouncements for example at the Lancaster House speech, but as time has progressed she has proved not up to the task of dealing with the spirit of control that emanates from Brussels.

A statesman with vision would have swiftly moved to make a clean break with Brussels and cut the Gordian knot that intricately tied us to the European project over the last 45 years or so, yes told the British people that there might be a bit of short term rough tossing but that the long term gains would be infinitely more beneficial in terms of the ability to conduct our own affairs in every policy area encumbered by an external authority and in terms of building trading and other types of relationships with the rest of the world.

So we have ended up with a ‘half in half out’ deal which the EU will be rejoicing over and will make sure works in their favour, compromising on borders, sovereignty, fishing, the customs union, specifically the Irish border issue, payments to the EU and the European Court of Justice. It’s pretty obvious that the EU, given its very nature, will use this as a lever to keep us closely tied in to the project, but with not anything like the say we may have had before, We have made the foundational error, completely understandable in view of our short sightedness, of elevating the economy above everything else and looking at how business, the economy and money making will or might be hit in the short term, and there has been a total lack of a statesman’s ability to look fifty years ahead and see the possibilities that beckon for a free, independent UK.

In the EU debate the economy is never the main issue, but is used by europhiles to appeal to the wallets of the BritIsh public. Far more important is where power and authority reside, in Westminster of Brussels? After a clean severance from Brussels the British people will produce the economy that fits our needs. You cannot tell me that the success of this nation depends on us being shackled to the EU and not on the risk taking, vision, creativity, entrepreneurial spirit, ingenuity, doggedness and willpower of the British people.

In view of these things I trust that you will vote down this deal in Parliament as completely unacceptable and against the spirit of the 2016 referendum result, remembering that a majority of Worthing voted to leave the EU. Theresa May needs to be reminded that a clean break is needed, not a deep and special partnership with the EU which locks us into their grasp for the foreseeable future,

Yours sincerely