Jonathan Arnott's facebook letter

The European elections in 2014 were won by a party campaigning to leave the European Union.
Remainers said that this didn't mean we should leave the EU because it wasn't a General Election.
At a General Election in 2015, the winning party pledged a referendum on EU membership.
Most Remainers campaigned against that party, partly because they didn't want a referendum. Just the other day, for example, Alistair Campbell said he doesn't believe in referendums.
We then had the referendum; Leave won.
Remainers then told us the government didn't have the power to trigger Article 50. Parliament must be sovereign and make the decision, they said. So it did. Parliament voted to trigger Article 50.
Remainers then said we needed a General Election; we had one. Parties supporting Leave polled over 80% of the vote.
Remainers then tried to torpedo the EU Withdrawal Bill. Parliament passed it anyway.
Not once, at any stage, have any of them actually accepted the results we've already had: three elections, one referendum and two Acts of Parliament later, and to them the issue isn't settled.
Now they seem to have developed collective amnesia. They've forgotten that they didn't believe in referendums back in 2015 when the Government was trying to call one.
They've forgotten that they believed in Parliamentary sovereignty when they hoped to get Parliament to overturn the result.
Now, they want another referendum.
Suppose they got it, and that they lost again, They haven't accepted the result of 3 elections, 2 Acts of Parliament and 1 referendum. What possible grounds are there for believing that they'd suddenly another referendum result?
Is there even a snowball in hell's chance that they'd stop trying to sabotage the UK's negotiations, or that they'd stop siding with the EU against the UK at every turn?