Winter 2014

Worthing West Branch

News Letter ~ Winter 2014 
President: Jim Collins
Chairman: Phil Ruddock, Vice-Chairman & Membership Secretary: Janet Penn, Secretary: Shaune King, Treasurer: Christopher Woodward, Publications Officer: Adrian Price, Webmaster: Mike Jellis
Committee Members: Richard Bater, Trixie Hall, Richard Setford

2013 was a very successful year for Worthing West Branch. We made an electoral break through, when Trixie Hall was elected to West Sussex County Council for Salvington, two Worthing Borough councillors, Charles James from the Conservatives and Trevor England from the Lib Dems joined the Party and we doubled our membership to over 200 members. On top of all this we have a full slate of candidates for the Worthing Borough council elections in May 2014.

All this success was celebrated at a Christmas Dinner held at the John Selden Inn in Worthing on December 18th and we would like to thank everybody involved in organising a very enjoyable occasion.

I am assured that the Social Sub- Committee will be holding other such events in 2014, once the hard work of leafleting for the European Elections and Worthing Borough Council local elections in May is finished.

Hustings for our Prospective Parliamentary Candidate for the next General Election were held on November 23rd 2013. We had two candidates, Daryll Pitcher and Tim Cross. They both spoke and answered questions in accordance with UKIP regulations and it was generally recognised that either candidate could do a good job, but after the voting Tim Cross was declared the winner. We would like to thank Daryll for putting his name forward and wish him well for the future in finding another constituency in which to stand.
We congratulate Tim who has been our candidate before in 1997, 2001 and 2005 and we all look forward to working with him again.

The Worthing West Branch AGM will be held 15th February 2014 at 2.00pm in the Chichester Room, Field Place, The Boulevard, Worthing, BN13 1NP. Speakers will include Tim Cross, John Wallace, County Organiser and Steve Harris, Regional Organiser. There will also be a chance to meet the candidates for the Worthing Borough Council elections.

Our Treasurer, Christopher Woodward, has some new ventures in his life and has decided to give up being our treasurer in order to give them his full attention. If anyone would be prepared to take over from him, preferably with relevant experience, please contact Phil Ruddock, tel no. 535363. Christopher has volunteered to assist for a while should this be requested.
Under UKIP rules, we must have a Treasurer to be recognised as an independent Branch.

We are also looking for someone to work with Mike Jelliss on the Website, as Mike feels that there should be another member involved in case he is not available.
The Branch has grown and in order to run it efficiently changes have been made in the organisation. We now have various sub committees, an Executive committee, Social committee, Elections committee and a Publications committee. This means that jobs can be delegated and makes a better use of all the talents that Members have to offer.

In order to maintain the continued smooth running of the Branch it has been suggested that we should adopt a set of Branch Rules, a copy of which is enclosed. The biggest change is in the makeup of the main committee. It is generally felt that if a committee is too big meetings go on too long and it is difficult to make decisions.
We hope that this will meet with the approval of all the members and we will be voting on adopting it before the election of Officers and other Committee members.

Anyone, not currently, on the committee, who wishes to be, should contact Phil Ruddock.

Worthing Borough Council elections
Worthing Borough council has a rolling system of elections, with a third of the seats up for election for three years and the fourth year West Sussex County Council Elections. The councillors are elected for four year terms. Arun District Council has a different system. They hold elections every two years, West Sussex County Council and Arun District Council alternately. The next election in Arun will be for Arun District Council in 2015.

The candidates for Worthing Borough council are as follows:
Castle, David Shipley; Central, Malcolm Milne; Durrington, Sue Jelliss; Goring, Trevor England, Heene, Richard Setford; Marine, Charles James; Northbrook, Mike Jelliss; Salvington, Pauline James; Tarring, Adrian Price.

UKIP South East Region will be doing all the accounting for the European Elections and they have asked every Branch to donate £10 per member to the European Election fighting fund. We have over 200 members, so they will be looking for over £2000 from us.
We need to keep as much as possible in reserve for the General Election in 2015, so we are asking all members to donate their own share. Please send a cheque (or cash) to me, Janet Penn, at the address shown below, made payable to UKIP Worthing West. This would be very gratefully received.

The sales of our 2014 calendar made us a reasonable profit and we are considering producing another for 2015. If you would like to submit a photo for consideration for inclusion please contact Ron Brooks, tel no 262910 for full details.

This is an election year and we need all hands to the pump. We are asking members to help us. If you could leaflet or join a canvassing team (training given) and have not yet volunteered, or if you could put up a poster, or act as a teller at a Polling Station, please let Phil Ruddock know.

I wish you all a Happy New Year and let us hope that all our hard work results in electoral success.

Janet Penn, 14 Jubilee Avenue, Rustington BN16 3NB (01903) 770885 

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