Winter 2013

Worthing West Branch

News Letter

Winter 2013

The holiday season is now over and our thoughts turn back to supporting UKIP. 2012 was a very successful year and the Committee is now putting together plans to capitalise on this.

Notification of AGM
Our first event in 2013 will be the AGM, which will be held on: Saturday 16th February 2013 At 2.30
Venue  Lewes Room, Field Place, The Boulevard, Worthing

Guest speakers  Steve Harris Regional Organiser  John Wallace County Organiser A senior party official

The meeting will be followed by tea/coffee and biscuits giving members a chance to chat with others and get to know each other.
If you need details to find Field Place or help getting there please let me know.

Thank you
Once again we thank Ron and Jenny Brooks for opening their home to us for a fund raising Coffee Moring, which raised a very useful £160, as well as being a very enjoyable social event. We would like to see more members at these events, not just for the money which is raised, but to meet you and hear your views and opinions.

We also thank everybody who helped with leafleting for the Police Commissioner elections, some of whom had never helped us before, which was very encouraging. The election was very poorly organised by the Government which gave us very little time to get the leaflets printed and distributed, however, it was a good opportunity to publicise the Party. I even met people who said they would vote for us because we were only people who had contacted them.

County Council Elections
The local elections this year will be the County Council Elections and we are hoping to give everybody the opportunity to vote UKIP. We need to keep the Party in the public eye, ready for the European Elections next year, when we should be very successful.

Anybody who is prepared to stand in these elections should either contact me or our chairman, Phil Ruddock, tel. no. 535363.
We are also looking for donations to cover the cost of leaflets, as we were unable to produce the calendar this year, due to the price of paper and being unable to find a partner to give us the savings available when buying in bulk.
Cheques should be sent to the address shown below and made payable UKIP.

There have been some rather disturbing reports in Newspapers in recent years indicating that Christians are being discriminated against in this country, despite it being our national religion. I am not a church goer, but felt that I would like to do something about this. After some thought I decided to put C of E on all official forms, where asked for my religion and just before Christmas my husband and I attended a Carol Service in Storrington church. It was a very special occasion, done traditionally, starting with a procession of the choir, the usual readings and carols and followed by mince pies and mulled wine in the nearby hall.

I mention this because I feel it is something that all UKIP members might want to consider doing, if they are not church goers.

I wish you all a Happy and Prosperous New Year.

Janet Penn (Membership Secretary), 14, Jubilee Avenue, Rustington, BN16 3NB 

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