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Summer 2014

European Elections and Worthing Borough Council Elections

It is difficult to know where to start, there are so many people to thank for such a stunning effort and a great result.

The outstanding success was the election of Sue Jelliss in the Worthing Borough Council elections in Durrington ward, congratulations from all of us, Sue. Four other candidates came a close second in the local elections and the results were as follows:

Castle Ward, Conservatives, 702, UKIP, Dave Shipley, 653, second: Central, Greens, 610, UKIP Malcolm Milne, 559, third: DURRINGTON, UKIP, SUE JELLISS 526, FIRST: Goring, Conservatives,1435, UKIP, Trevor England,817, second: Heene, Conservatives, 714, UKIP Richard Setford, 498, third: Marine, Conservatives, 1114, UKIP, Charles James, 692, second: Northbrook, Conservatives, 355, UKIP, Mike Jelliss, 328, second: Salvington, Conservatives, 1011, UKIP, Pauline James, 988, second: Tarring, Lib Dems, 714, UKIP Adrian Price, 664, second.

In the European Elections we did even better, outdoing the Conservatives by a margin of approximately 2000 votes, though you would not have known it reading the Worthing Herald! The results were:

In Worthing Borough: UKIP 10,188, Conservatives 8,046, Labour 3148, Greens 2,873, Lib Dems 2368.

In Arun District: UKIP 17,913, Conservatives 12,824, Labour 3972, Greens 2872, Lib Dems 2204.

In Arun, where there were no local elections, members delivered over 4000 leaflets in support of UKIP in the European Elections.

A big thank you to everybody who stood as a candidate and everybody who delivered leaflets. It was all worthwhile.


The AGM was held 15th February 2014. Phil Ruddock, the Chairman, welcomed those present and reported that 2013 had been a very successful year for the branch with membership increasing from 100 to 218. Two Worthing Borough Councillors joined the party, Charles James from the Conservatives and Trevor England from the Lib Dems. He welcomed both.

The increase in both membership and activity has needed a change in management structure and sub committees have been formed to take care of social activities, publications, leaflet design and elections.

We also elected Tim Cross to be our Prospective Parliamentary Candidate at a hustings held in November 2013.

The Treasurer reported £3,387.32 in the funds, which has been much depleted by the 2014 elections.

Phil was then re-elected as Chairman, Christopher Woodward continues as Treasurer and Janet Penn is now the Secretary incorporating Membership Secretary. Other members elected were Adrian Price, who will be chairman of two sub committees, Trixie Hall, Shaune King, Mike Jelliss, who is our Webmaster, Richard Setford and Richard Bater. Pauline James has since joined the Committee as Publicity Officer.

The proposed Branch rules were adopted unanimously.

Following the formalities Tim Cross, John Wallace and Steve Harris, addressed the meeting. Tim said that he was opposed to 20 is plenty and Worthing urgently needs a by- pass, money given to the EU would be better spent on such a project. He said that we could rule ourselves and control our own borders again. John, in his role as County Organiser, thanked the branch for all their hard work. Steve, the then Regional Organiser, said more young members are joining the Party and emphasised the importance of leafleting.

The pictures for the 2015 calendar were chosen from those submitted by members and the calendar is now available, price £5 or £9.00 for two from Phil Ruddock.

The Future

We are now taking a break until August when we will be finalising our plans for the 2015 General Election campaign. Tim Cross, our Prospective Parliamentary Candidate, has now joined the Committee and will be vigorously putting his case for election in May 2015.

We have high hopes of doing well in the General Election, but need all the help that we can get to achieve this, so, please, put your thinking caps on and decide what you can do to help. We will need candidates for the local elections, particularly in Arun, when the full council will be up for election, leafleters and of course, money.

Social events

Please see the accompanying list.

Janet Penn (Membership Secretary), 14, Jubilee Avenue, Rustington, BN16 3NB

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