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Worthing West Branch

News Letter ~ Summer 2015



Chairman: Phil Ruddock, Membership Secretary: Pauline James,  Treasurer: Christopher Woodward, Press Officer: Malcolm Milne, Webmaster: Mike Jelliss,  Sub Committee Chairmen: Charles James, Trevor England and Adrian Price;  Election Assistant, Kirk Dickenson. 

Committee Members: Richard Bater, Trixie Hall, Shaune King, Richard Setford, Ruth Kenward.

Future Events

28 June 2015

Beach Hut Party

3 p.m. start at Beach Hut 77 –
 £10 per ticket to eat and drink as much as you wish 
to include Raffle ticket. 
Contact Pauline James 
Worthing 241381 
The Worthing West UKIP campaign for the General and Local Elections brought the best out of our candidates, activists and supporters, the entire constituency was leafleted three times including the successful ‘Cross Chronicle’ newspaper.
A magnificent effort by all concerned which far exceeded the street work done by the other parties, despite the last 24hours of the campaign seeing a Tory surge due to the Labour/SNP fear factor, our Parliamentary candidate Tim Cross trebled the UKIP vote from 2010 with 9269 votes and 2nd place.

The Local UKIP candidate votes as follows:

Worthing Borough

Geoff Brown – Heene - 599

Mike Jelliss –Salvington –1139

Pauline James – Castle – 1029

David Smith - Goring - 853

Adrian Price - Tarring - 754

Kirk Dickenson – Marine – 741

Trevor England – Central – 729


Helen O’Connor- Dixon Ferring - 762

Teresa Bullock 

East Preston - 1439

Stewart England

Rustington East – 802

Paul Davis

Rustington West – 1267


I write to express my thanks to all of you for the help and support that you gave throughout this campaign.

Whilst the result may appear disappointing we should look upon this as a victory. In two years’ time there will be a referendum on our EU membership, a UKIP policy which the Conservatives adopted due to the support we at UKIP were getting. In addition, another of our policies ‘borrowed’ by the Tories is the abolition of the dreaded EU Human Rights Act to be replaced with a British Bill of Rights.
    We should now recharge our batteries and look forward to fighting the EU referendum with all our strength and resources; this is one battle we need to win. Take heart with the success we have had, in the knowledge that we in Worthing West are the second biggest party and the third largest nationally.

Have a really enjoyable summer.
Regards Tim Cross
In general conversation some people have said how pleasant it was not to have been chased for contributions to party funds at the last social event. I also remember that when I first became involved with UKIP that I was mildly annoyed that at every event there was the rattling bucket or a raffle for a prize no one really wanted. 
    Having now been involved with UKIP for a number of years, it occurred to me that most of our members are unaware of the cost of running our branch campaigns.
    At a rough estimate the costs for the Local Election Campaign to the UKIP West Worthing Branch in 2015 was over £2200, though most of the cost of the personal leaflets will be met by the candidates. For the Parliamentary Campaign from January – March the cost was over £2790 from April until the election £5640, most of this cost being met by our candidate Tim Cross with a minimum of £1000 provided by the Branch. This is without the incidental expenses of running the Branch throughout the year, such as Newsletter printing costs, postage, copy paper, ink cartridges etc. so you can appreciate why we have to occasionally indulge in raffles and bucket shaking in order to swell our funds. Monies are raised by our social events, new membership fees, (the branch keeps the first year’s fee) and donations by members and supporters. (a few of whom contribute by monthly standing order) helped by the fact that all the branch activists give their time and energy for free.

So next time the bucket rattles or the raffle tickets come round please give generously and help build our party into a Great British institution!
Mike Jelliss

Phil Ruddock, 58 Reigate Road, Worthing BN11 5NE (01903) 535363

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