Summer 2012

Worthing West Branch

I write this News Letter on my return from the Greek island of Santorini. Although, it was a geology trip with some archaeology thrown in, I did have the chance to talk some of the people who live there. The impression I gained was that they are a very hard working people who have been let down by their politicians. They had no say in giving up the drachma and now feel cheated. We even heard of suicides.

Let us hope that the matter can be resolved without further suffering, though it seems unlikely.

Worthing Borough Council Elections
The results were as follows:
Heene, Richard Setford, 331 votes, 23%, just behind the Lib Dems
Position 3rd of 3
Goring, Richard Bater, 482 votes, 20%, beat Labour, Lib Dems and Greens.
Position 2nd of 5
Durrington, Mike Jelliss, 218 votes, 16%, beat Labour.
Position 3rd of 4
Central, Christopher Woodward, 254 votes, 15%, beat the Greens.
Position 4th of 5
Marine, Phil Ruddock, 349 votes, 18%, beat Lib Dems, close to Labour which had 357 votes.
Position 3rd of 4
Salvington, Trixie Hall, 456 votes, 24%, did well to beat Labour and Lib Dems.
Position 2nd of 4
Tarring, Shaune King, 267 votes, 15%, narrowly beaten by Labour 269 votes.
Position 4th of 4
Castle, Chris Chatfield, 270 votes, 16%, beat Labour.
Position 3rd of 4
We would like to thank the candidates for all their hard work and a big thank you goes to everybody who helped with leafleting.

Next year it will be the County Council Elections and we will need a candidate for Ferring and East Preston and another one for Rustington, as well as those for Worthing. Fortunately, the boundaries will be different and fewer candidates will be needed.

We have been aware of the need to have a PPC in mind for the next General Election ever since the formation of the current Coalition Government. Despite the Governments’ intention not to have an election before 2015, with no overall majority for any one Party, an early election has to be a possibility.
At the last Committee Meeting we were introduced to David Bamber, who has expressed an interest in being our PPC. David lives in Lancing and knows the Worthing area well.
It is early days and the formalities do not have to be put in place yet, but we welcome David’s interest and will keep you informed regarding the adoption process when the time comes.

Coffee Morning
Phil and Pauline Ruddock cordially invite you to:
A Coffee and Cakes Morning
(or Tea and Biscuits according to your taste)
To be held at 58 Reigate Road, Worthing, BN11 5NE
On Saturday, 7th July 2012 at 11 am
Tel No 01903 535363

This is a chance to meet other members of UKIP in an informal setting, an opportunity to put the world to rights with people of like minds.
Donations to Branch funds optional, but will be gratefully received.
It would be helpful if you could let Phil and Pauline know if you are coming, so that they can make the catering arrangements. However, if you suddenly find on the morning that you can come just turn up.

Dates for your diary
There will be a South East Region Conference at The Lakeside Resort, Frimley, Surrey on Saturday, 21st July. Entrance will be £10 and tickets are available from Regional Office, The Old Grain Store, Lyminster, West Sussex, BN17 7QJ. If further details are required please telephone Regional Office 01903 885573.

John Wallace will be taking the UKIP Caravan to Shoreham Airport Air Show and will be pleased any members who attend.

We look forward to seeing you at one of these of functions and would like to hear any ideas you may have for the running of the Branch.

Janet Penn (Membership Secretary), 14, Jubilee Avenue, Rustington, BN16 3NB 

Tel No 01903 770885 

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