Spring 2015

Worthing West Branch
News Letter ~ Spring 2015

Chairman: Phil Ruddock, Secretary: Janet Penn, Treasurer: Christopher Woodward, Press Officer: Pauline James, Webmaster: Mike Jellis: Sub Committee Chairmen: Charles James, Trevor England and Adrian Price
Committee Members: Richard Bater, Trixie Hall, Shaune King, Richard Setford

Our local membership in Worthing West continues to increase and now stands at 260 and I would like to start this News Letter by welcoming all new members to
our ranks.

The General Election is now only four months away, making this success doubly welcome, as we make every effort to elect Tim Cross to Westminster and even more local councillors in Worthing and Arun.


The AGM will be held on Saturday, 7th February 2015 at 2.30 in the Chichester Room, Field Place, Off The Boulevard in Durrington.
This is an opportunity to hear Tim Cross, our Prospective Parliamentary Candidate speak as well as meeting the committee.

All the existing officers and committee members are prepared to stand again for another year, but if you wish to nominate anyone for a position on the Committee please contact Phil Ruddock tel no 01903 535363 by the end of January.


The 2015 calendar designed by Ron Brooks, using photos taken by local members, has proved very popular and a profit of over £600 for Branch funds has been realised. 
Ron is prepared to produce a further calendar for 2016 and all members are invited to submit photos to be considered for inclusion in the calendars. The theme is Great Britain and there are four categories, Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter. 
Photos should be landscape in format and should be sent to Ron preferably by E-Mail brooksronald22@gmail.com 
If you wish to discuss the matter with Ron or do not have E-Mail his Tel no is 262910.

This is an excellent fund raiser and we hope that members will make every effort to support it by submitting photos or buying a calendar.
The final choice of photos will be made at the AGM by those present, so photos need to be with Ron by January 21st at the latest, preferably earlier.
2015 calendars are still available at £5 each or £9 for two. Please contact Phil Ruddock or me.

Local Elections

Charles James has taken charge of the Local Elections Committee and has now met with candidates to plan their individual campaigns. As stated in the last News Letter, we now have at least one candidate in every ward giving all UKIP members the opportunity to vote UKIP in the local elections in Worthing as well as Arun District.
    However, some of the wards in Arun District, Ferring, East Preston and Rustnigton, are two or three seat wards and we only have one candidate for each, so if you would be prepared to stand in one of these wards please contact Charles tel no 241381.

The Social Committee worked very hard to make the annual branch Christmas Dinner a very enjoyable event, which was attended by 65 people. I am sure that all of you who were present would like to thank them and our host, Rod Stoneham of the John Selden, for an excellent evening.
The committee will now be concentrating on electioneering between now and May, but have arranged a Coffee Morning, details of which can be found Here.

Young Independents

Malcolm Milne has reported that Aaron Swain has been elected Chairman of YI in West Sussex. We wish Aaron well in his term of office and hope that more young people will join him.

We are about to enter a very busy time in the run up to the election. We would like to thank everybody who has helped so far, with leafleting and making a financial contribution in response to Phil’s appeal. We asking you all to make every effort you can, in which ever way you can, to get Tim elected next May. A list of ways in which you can help FOLLOWS BELOW

Finally, I wish you all a Happy New Year.
Janet Penn, 14 Jubilee Avenue, Rustington BN16 3NB (01903) 770885

Our local website: www.worthingukip.org UKIP national website: www.ukip.org

Things you can do to help for the forthcoming General and Local Elections


1 Put up a poster in your window or a board in your front garden. Please contact Phil Ruddock and tell him what you need and he will provide it nearer the time.

2 On the day of the election, May 7th, help get the UKIP vote out. This means sitting outside the polling station and making a note of all voters on the sheets provided. UKIP supporters who have not voted will be offered a lift. This will be organised by Charles James and he will be pleased to hear from you.

3 If you know any young people you think might be interested in YI (Young Independence) give them Malcolm Milne’s tel no 217039.

4 Leafleting – this will be an ongoing exercise from now until the election. If you can help and are not known to us, please phone Charles or Phil.

5 Write us a cheque or send us a tenner (or a fiver). We are very careful with the Branch’s money, but could always do with more for leaflets and organising public meetings.

6 Support our Calendar initiative either by providing photos or buying one.

7 Ask Phil for some of the UKIP Policy Documents and pass them on to friends and family.