Spring 2013

Worthing West Branch

News Letter

Spring 2013

The excitement of our spectacular showing in Eastleigh is now dying down and we are back to the everyday business of running the Branch. One of our main events for the forth coming months is “Lunch with Trixie”, details of which are included in this News Letter.


The AGM was held on Saturday, 16th February 2013 at 2.30 at Field Place, Worthing. It was well attended, although it would have been nice to see more members from Worthing West Branch.

The report submitted to and printed by the Worthing Herald and Littlehampton Gazette ran as follows:

Members present heard a report from Phil Ruddock, Chairman, in which he said that 2012 had been good year for both the Local Branch and the Party nationally. During the year the committee had supported candidates in Worthing Borough Elections, as well as leafleting for the UKIP Police Commissioner candidate. Fund raising and social events had also been held, organised by the committee and other Members. John Wallace, the UKIP County Organiser endorsed what Phil had said about the success of the Party, with Membership rising by 20% in recent months. He also thanked the Committee for all their efforts.

David Bamber, who has expressed an interest in being the Worthing West candidate at the next General Election, gave his reasons for joining UKIP. He said that originally he had thought a European Union would be a good idea. He then studied the subject in depth and decided that he was wrong. In fact, he was so convinced that we should not be involved in the EU that he felt he must do something about it, hence his enrolling on the UKIP training scheme for budding politicians.

The main speaker was Piers Wauchope, a barrister and an ex Conservative activist who was a Borough Councillor for eight years. He was the UKIP candidate for the Police Commissioner election last November.

He gave an account of his successful campaign to be a Councillor in Tunbridge Wells and his support for another Councillor for the same council. He then went on to provide some useful tips on the art of campaigning.

Phil Ruddock was re elected as chairman, Janet Penn as Membership Secretary and Christopher Woodward as Treasurer.

The Meeting ended with Tea/Coffee and a chance to chat with fellow members.

The other members of the committee are Richard Bater, Trixie Hall, Shaune King (who is the Minutes Secretary), Adrian Price, Mike Jelliss (who runs the Website) and Richard Setford.

County Council Elections

Once again we will be supporting candidates in the County Council Elections to be held on May 2nd. We will be leafleting before the elections using our new recruitment leaflet. If you are willing to leaflet and have not done so before please contact Phil Ruddock tel no. Worthing 535363.

Our candidates and the divisions will be:

Worthing West, Richard Setford; Worthing Pier, Christopher Woodward; Goring, Richard Bater; Northbrook, Mike Jelliss; Durrington and Salvington, Trixie Hall; Tarring, Shaune King; Ferring and East Preston, Phil Ruddock and Rustington, Janet Penn.


A big “thank you” to all of you who responded to my appeal for funds in the last News Letter. The money donated will come in very useful.

The Branch does not receive any financial help from Head Office and has to manage on what we raise ourselves. We have one Supporter who sends us the occasional £5.00 to cover everyday expenses, such as stamps and printing costs. The price of computer cartridges is outrageous, as those of you who have a computer know. If other Members followed her example, it would mean that we would not have to dip into money set aside for major expenditure at General Election time. You can either donate a small sum from time to time or arrange a Standing Order. I can provide the necessary forms for a Standing Order. Cheques can be sent to me, made out to UKIP, at the address shown below.


We are planning to produce another calendar for 2014 and details will be available soon. In the past this venture has brought in a profit of £400-£500 and is well worth trying again.

Lunch with Trixie

Trixie and Nigel Hall, ably assisted by Shaune King, have kindly offered to hold a fund raising lunch at their home:

Venue: 6 Plantation Rise, Worthing

Date: Saturday, 13th April

Time: 11.30 – 1.30

Price £5.00

Tel No 01903 262206

Not only will you have the chance to have lunch with fellow members, but you can also see Trixie and Nigel’s award winning garden.

Please let Trixie know you are coming by Monday, 8th April to give her time to make the necessary catering arrangements. Trixie would like to point out that should if it be wet she has indoor seating for 25 people.

If you are out leafleting, why not take a break and put your feet up at Trixie’s, before setting out again feeling rested and fit again, with the encouragement of other members fresh in your memory.


The Committee are determined not to let the momentum gained at Eastleigh go to waste, but we need your help to do this, so please come to Trixie’s or if you cannot send us a fiver anyway.

Janet Penn (Membership Secretary), 14, Jubilee Avenue, Rustington, BN16 3NB

Our Website www.worthingukip.org

Main UKIP website www.ukip.org