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The Six Key Duties of a UKIP Branch Treasurer.

1. Changes of branch officer Immediately inform the central party (Lexdrum House – branch@ukip.org) of any changes to the officers or details of the accounting unit. Under electoral law this is one of the treasurer’s responsibilities, although this can be delegated to the chairman or secretary. It must be done within two weeks of the change happening, to enable Lexdrum House to inform the Electoral Commission within four weeks of the change. Changes normally take place at an AGM so, please, make a note to deal with the changes the very next day. If these changes are not reported by Lexdrum House to the Electoral Commission within four weeks, the party will be fined.

2. Keep yourself informed and up to date Download or request from the Electoral Commission copies of the latest guidance notes that is relevant to accounting unit treasurers and familiarise yourself with the requirements.

3. Record-keeping In accordance with any guidance or framework laid down by the national party treasurer, set up and maintain accounting records capable of meeting the accounting record-keeping requirements of the Commission under the Political Parties Elections and Referendums Act 2000.

4. Accounts preparation In accordance with any guidance or framework laid down by the party treasurer, set up and maintain arrangements for ensuring that annual statements of accounts for the party are prepared, approved, audited if necessary and submitted either to Lexdrum House or, if the turnover exceeds £25,000, to the Electoral Commission on time. If a treasurer needs to submit accounts to the electoral commission, please send them to Lexdrum House first so head office can check that the figure of reportable donations in the accounts agrees with the quarterly figures that have already been submitted. If in any doubt, ask Lexdrum House for a template that shows how to lay out the annual accounts.

5. Reporting donations and loans It is very important to deal with donations and loans correctly under electoral law and in accordance with arrangements laid down by the party treasurer. In principle this means answering the quarterly letters that you will receive from Lexdrum House (early every January, April, July and October) and doing so within a matter of days. The main party has to report to the Electoral Commission with a month, and this means collecting the details from over 380 branches, collating the information and submitting them in a prescribed format. It is a very exacting and demanding job and there are fines and even more serious consequences if the information is not reported on time. Please do not be a treasurer who lets the side the down over this. Why not set yourself a reminder to ensure that these quarterly letters are dealt with by return?

6. Elections, by-elections and referendums If required by the party treasurer, plan and budget for campaign or referendum expenditure and if authorised to do so, play a role in the administration and control of such expenditure.

You can request a full Treasurers' Information pack (Donations Report, Public Liability Insurance Certificate, Treasurers' information etc) by sending a request to branch@ukip.org.