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UKIP Worthing West Committee Meeting Minutes 

11/11/2019 at 7.30pm at 10 Shelby Road BN13 2TR

Attending: Mike Jelliss, Mark Withers, Stuart Field, John Wallace, Tobes Bros. Jessica Bignell.
Minutes Secretary:MJ
Apologies for absence:  NS
Minutes of last meeting: 21/10.
alteration under NEC Elections to Mike Glennon and 6 changed to 4. Agreed and signed 
Matters Arising:
Chairmans/Secretarys report: M.J
Mike wanted to know if anybody had any knowledge as to what was going on at head office.
And referred any other comments to any other business. 
Treasurers report: S.F
Stuart reported that the balance was a healthy £1,376.24 and that we had enough to fight the election should we choose to do so. Stuart anounced that he would stand down from the Position of Treasurer.

Membership report: M.J
Mike confirmed that membership was dropping but that he sent out updates to anyone who had not let him know they did not want to receive them. He thinks membership might recover or at least steady once the Leadership position is sorted.
Webmaster report: M.J
The website hand 211 users in  279 sessions in October. Most from Worthing but also visitors from all over the World. 

Social Media report: ?
Nothing to report

Councillors report: MW.
Mark said that the Remembrance Parade and the wreath laying ceremony went off very well. At the council meeting the Liberal Democrats tabled a motion asking the Council to send a letter to the Government asking them to to stop Brexit. The motion was denied. Mark also informed us that there was a proposed new housing development in Northbrook of Fulbrook Avenue. To be built by a Scandinavian firm as high quality eco houses at a reasonable price.

County Organisers report: JW.
John thought that Nigel was wrong to stand down The Brexit Party but also thought that the Brexit party could collapse at any tine as it wasn't structured as a proper political party. But that we could not trust the Tories.
General Election 12/12/2019
It was decided not to stand in the General Election as we thought that there was a good chance that we would split the vote as the Liberals and Greens had a pact to not stand in each others way and  that in Worthing Labour had been making headway. So hold your Nose and Vote Boris and hopefully BREXIT 

Mike announced that he would be standing down as chairman from the date of the election 12/12/2019. The committee voted that Mark Withers should stand in as an interim Chair and Jessica Bignell as interim Treasurer.

The Next Meeting should be an AGM to elect a new Committee.
This should take place in early January 2020. Members to be informed by letter as soon as possible.