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AGM Feb 2019


FRIDAY 12/02/2019

7.00PM John Selden

Attending: Janet Penn, Mick Penn, Mike Glennon, Trixie Hall, Paul Hubbard, Steve Downey, Steve Smyth, Sue Jelliss

Committee: Barry Pinchen, Heather Pinchen, Ron Brooks, Stuart Field, John Wallace, Mike Jelliss

  1. Welcome: Ron welcomed those attending the AGM and gave thanks to Barry and Heather for all the work they have done this year.

  2. Apologies: Fran and Peter Feltham, Nick Sargeant, Mark Withers who hoped to be at the meeting by 8pm.

  3. Minutes of Previous AGM and matters arising: Proposed Mick Penn and seconded by Janet Penn. Accepted as a true account.

  4. Chairman’s Report: Barry stated there was a donation to Head Office of £1500 which has left our reserves low. Expenses were also incurred fighting the local elections last May. Barry and Heather attended the Remembrance Parade at Worthing Town Hall in November and felt it was very good.

  5. Treasurer’s Report: Stuart said he had a lot of help from Ron Brooks in his role as treasurer. He thanked Ron for the accounts which he prepared for the AGM. Stuart was concerned that we are losing money rapidly. Running costs are too high and the donation to Head Office depleted our reserves. Ron advised that our main income is from members who are willing to give small amounts regularly by standing order and encouraged members to do this.

  6. Secretary Report: Heather said she and Barry hosted regular meetings and visited Lyminster on a regular basis. She found this very interesting and also enjoyed the trip to Eastbourne.

  7. Membership Secretary: Mike stated our membership is now 85 and we have had 6 new members since November. This is still far short of our times before the referendum. New members joining fees now have to go to Head Office when they were previously kept in the local branch. The Sovereign Draw is one way in which we can encourage members to contribute and will also benefit the local branch.

  8. Councillor Mark Withers: AS Mark was delayed Ron read out a statement. Mark has been busy this last year with the Licensing Committee and reading reports for Council meetings. He has supported increases to the infrastructure for cycling. He also hopes to send out a newsletter to his ward members soon. He would like anyone with any queries or items to bring before council to contact him.

  9. Committee Elections: Barry Pinchen was proposed as Chairman by Heather Pinchen and seconded by Mick Penn. Mike Jelliss was proposed by Sue Jelliss and seconded by Trixie Hall and Toby Brothers. Mike Jelliss was voted in by a majority. Stuart Hall was proposed as Treasurer by Sue Jelliss and seconded by Janet Penn. He was voted in. Heather Pinchen did not want to stand as Secretary. John Wallace commented that it was common for the Chairman to also take up the duties of Secretary so Mike Jelliss agreed to take on the role for the moment. Heather Pinchen advised she would like to stand as Press Secretary. Sue Jelliss agreed to be Social Secretary. No other members wanted to stand in any capacity at this time.

  10. Talk by Mike Glennon: Mike was aware of the problems facing the party at this tie and was worried that the split off groups would split the vote for UKIP. He encouraged members to stay faithful and work towards our common aims. He was asked questions and given comments by various members of the audience.

  11. Talk by John Wallace: John thanked Barry and Heather and the rest of the committee for all the work they have done in the last year. David Kurten is going to stand as a PPC in Bognor as he was born in the area. He and John are about to release a booklet. John said it was important to keep Brexit as our main aim at the moment. Membership nationally is 27,000 and growing.

  12. The Chairman Mike reiterated that Brexit is the main issue. He feels that other issues can wait until this has happened. At the moment we need a presence for when we leave. So we need new members and local Councillors and we need them soon.

There being no other business the meeting closed at 8.45pm.