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UKIP Worthing West Committee Meeting Minutes
21/10/2019 at 7.30pm at 10 Shelby Road BN13 2TR 

Mike Jelliss, Mark Withers, Stuart Field, John Wallace, Jessica Bignell.

Minutes Secretary:MJ (Recorded) 
Apologies for absence: Nick Sarjeant Not heard from Toby assume he forgot 

Minutes of last meeting: Councillors Report altered to read “ Abstained rather than voted against”. 
Agreed and Signed 

Matters Arising: 
No Matters Arising 

Chairmans/Secretarys report: M.J 
Welcome to a new Committee Member Jessica Bignell Nothing else to report that won’t be covered later. 

Treasurers report: S.F 
Statement for September handed round. Thanks to all members who give us a standing order each month. Stuart informed us he will be standing down as Treasurer as of the 1st of December 
Membership report: M.J 
Waiting for new list from head office expect we are down on last months 80 members Importantly we have no active members except Committee Members

Webmaster report: M.J 
In September we had 155 visitors to the site and I just checked and we had 88 visitors just this week. JB *Why would that be?” MJ I think people are just looking for answers. 

Social Media report: MJ 

Must enable banking to pay for online advertising. We have a Page and a Group under UKIP Worthing West. And MW has a counselors page. They are updated regularly and we are currently pushing our Party on the 1st. 

Councillors report: MW. 
Council meeting tomorrow night. There will be a report on the Greater Brighton Economic Board. Which is a board that covers the whole region for raising funds to develop the infrastructure and they now want to bring Arun on board as well so they will be part of the conversation. JW “so this is a growing beast.” MW there is an interesting proposal put forward from the lib dems they want the council to send a letter to the PM to stop brexit. SF “Suggested that they should not sign the letter” MW the Labour are proposing that the council should get on board the proposal to help the women born after the 50s who are suffering from the change in retirement age from 60 to 65. The Committee agreed that perhaps it should have been brought in gradually. SF “said that he would attend the council meeting and ask a question on Vacant Retail and Commercial Premises.” 

County Organisers report: JW. MJ to attend Littlehampton and Bognor committee meeting. JW will supply Wreath for the remembrance service. There is no objection to UKIP members assisting the BREXIT party and JW suggested that he was in favour of everyone working together. JW Didn’t know weather East Worthing was still in existence MJ “ Said East Worthing Changed their Facebook page to Worthing Brexiteers.” 
There Followed a general discussion re the EU ,Trade Deals, Legal Interference in Government, Boris and No Deal. The committee came to no conclusion and decided that we could make no real decisions until after the 31st 

NEC Elections Mike Glennon and 6 of the branch chairmen for West Sussex have resigned from their positions over the arguments between the elected leader Richard Braine and the NEC. The committee decided to send a letter to all parties in the argument asking them to sort themselves out. 

Party 01/11/2019 Costs £25.00 for the room and £40.00 for platers for each 10 attendees. So I will confirm for $0 people and We have 35 persons at the moment from several local branches Please continue to invite anyone as long as they are Brexiteers. I have a few Vote UKIP Signs to stand around. JW will bring “What we stand for leaflets“. There will be no speeches. 

AOB. Littlehampton and Bognor are inviting our members to a Christmas lunch. At our next meeting we will have to decide on a date for Christmas Dinner? and Discuss next Years Local Elections and organise an AGM. 

Date of next meeting: ( 11/11/2019 ) at 7.30pm at 10 Shelby Road BN13 2TR