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UKIP Worthing West

Committee Meeting 19/06/19 7.30pm

Attending: Mike Jelliss, Sue Jelliss, Mark Withers, Stuart Field

Apologies: John Wallace, Toby Brothers

  1. Minutes of last meeting: Agreed and signed

  2. Matters Arising: None

  3. Chairman’s Report: MJ. Emails received from Mick and Janet Penn, Trixie Hall and Terence Chapman all pointing to the fact that they feel UKIP should probably go into hibernation or that it has had its day.

  4. Treasurer: SF. Donation from Richard Bater of £25. Stuart has sent a thank you to him for his continued support. Stuart also advised that the available funds at the moment are £1321.24

  5. Membership: MJ. advised there are 79 or 81 members at the moment.

  6. Webmaster: MJ. Nothing to report.

  7. Councillor Report: MW. Reported all election expense forms have come in and are now completed.

  8. He says there is a Council meeting on 23/07 and a couple of Training meetings. He asked about sending out a Ward leaflet for the Autumn but it was decided this should be left at the moment until we see the outcome of the Brexit in October.

  9. AOB. The first Hustings for a new leader will take place on the Sunday of the Eastbourne Conference.

    There followed a general discussion about where we are going with UKIP and whether there is any future for it, or whether the Brexit Party will completely take over from it. It was decided that we will have no further meetings until after the Brexit date. It was also decided that a redacted version of the Committee minutes should be put on the website so members can see it.

  10. Next Meeting: Monday 11/11/19 7.30pm