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UKIP Worthing West Committee Meeting Agenda 
10/09/2019 at 7.30pm at 10 Shelby Road BN13 2TR 

Attending: Mike Jelliss, Stuart Field, Toby Brothers, John Wallace, Mark Withers. 
Minutes Secretary: MJ. 
Minutes of last meeting: 18/06/2019 Read and Signed 
Matters Arising: None 
Chairmans Report: MJ. See AOB 
Secretarys report: MJ. 
Treasurers report: SF. £50 paid out in respect of Office booked by previous Chairman. £25. paid in from members on Standing order (next meeting send thank you note. Balance £1,336.24. 

Membership report: MJ. 70 Members. Branches can once again retain first years membership fee if signing up locally. Suggest special offer of £20 instead of £30. JW. to investigate possibility of A5 Membership Form.  

Webmaster report: M.J. approx. 100 users this month 

Social Media report: Need to investigate Paypal ac. Facebook Page UKIP Worthing West also on Instagram. 

Councillors report: MW. Council Meeting 23/07 Discussion of Climate emergency Petition Mark thought it was to extreme and spoke on the need to encompass all Worthing peoples views and this will hit the poor mostly and voted against it. The Committee believed that this issue should be dealt with by Government. Though UKIP shoild go more down the environmental route. Especially on improving technology to deal with it. Mark also supported a Labour motion to put Flower tubs and Benches in the town centre. Which the Committee also agreed with. SF. also asked Dan Humphies about the proposed new swimming pool by the leisure centre saying that it would not be big enough to attract people to Worthing. The Committee agreed with ST,s comments. Next Council meeting 22/10

County Organisers report: JW. John stated that he is continuing to run the UKIP Office in Lyminster. He will also be attending the National Conference in September. 
1/.Promote Sovereign with Members, possibly buy an entry as a branch 
2/.New Committee Member. MJ. said Jessica Bignell would like to be Active and become a Committee member he suggested she could become Secretary. At the next Meeting.
3/. Integrity. The Committee believes that there should not be pressure groups such as Integrity operation within UKIP, as it divisive and we have enough problems within the party already, which hopefully will be corrected at the National Conference. Integrity stand for the same things UKIP stand for except they would like to accept Tommy Robinson as a member. The Committee stated that they agreed with most of what Tommy stood for but not the way that his campaign was run and that it would be detrimental to UKIP to accept him as a member though we have no objections to individual members being associated with him. The Committee believes that there is room in UKIP for discussion and even disagreement. But we all wish to stand together under UKIP’s umbrella. 
 4/. Future of UKIP. The committee believes the public have lost faith in our political system. After Brexit there will be a vacuum that UKIP will be needed to fill and ensure that Brexit will Not Be Reversed. The Committee believes that we have to reduce pollution wherever possible and encourage the investment and use of Technologies to that end. we should promote policies to reduce the use of plastics especially single use and promote recycling and clean air policy's. 
5/ Elections Under the present circumstances in the event of an election The Committee feel that we should approach the Conservatives and If we can get a written guarantee that their prospective MP will vote in favour of a WTO Brexit we will not stand a Candidate and will actively discourage the Brexit Party to also stand down. In the event of not receiving assurances that we are not getting a clean Brexit. We will stand a candidate or ask members to vote for the Brexit Party Candidate so as not to split the vote. In the event that we have left the EU before the Election we will be standing a Candidate. 
6/. Meeting and celebration? on the 1st of November see Meetings and Events. To encompass all members and ex members of all of the local branches of UKIP 
If they are a Brexiteer they are welcome. Spread the Word.  Please let us know if you are coming
Room Booking Now Confirmed. 

The committee also confirmed that they all knew what they were voting for in the Referendum. To Completely leave the EU in all ways. 

Date of next meeting: ( Monday October 21st) at 7.30pm at 10 Shelby Road BN13 2TR  
If as a Member and would like to attend the meeting or if you have a view or question for the Committee. Please Contact me.