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Yellow vest protesters in Paris ransack shops on Champs-Elysees this Video is from 17/03/2019 after 4 months of protests in France. Where is the reporting by the media in Britain. 

This Waste-to-Energy Plant Doubles as a Ski Slope
Racial discrimination in police recruitment

The Brexit betrayal
Fakestream Media Facebook Watch
Gerard Batten on EuroNews discussing the current state of Brexit
An Exposé of the Fake News BBC!  This video is just over an hour long. But you simply have to watch it. Its well worth watching through to the end and sharing.

The prospect of a delayed Brexit UKIP Official Channel

How the Dambusters Learnt of Their Mission's Objective: Dan Snow with Johnny Johnson
Kris Hicks and Carl Benjamin (Sargon of Akkad) discuss the Brexit Parliamentary deadlock

BBC corruption-Tommy Robinson to release damning evidence in shocking new Documentary. 10/02/2019

Steven Woolfe: Britain made for a free Europe, not the EU project 30/01/2019

With Theresa May's deal, we are throwing away the burger and eating the napkin - Sky News Dan Hannan