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Why UKIP is still needed.

There is no doubt about it, Mrs May calling an early General Election wrong footed us, but she also wrong footed herself! Fortunately, UKIP had put candidates in place in case an election was called and the Manifesto, completed in 2015, only needed updating.

Obviously, many voters thought that UKIP was no longer needed, but this is untrue on two counts.

Firstly, we need to ensure that the Government does not renege on the referendum result and to negotiate an agreement that is in our best interests.

Secondly, we have an excellent Manifesto, full of good ideas and common sense. I watched the presentation of the Manifesto on BBC Parliament and it lasted 45 minutes including a Question and Answer session, when journalists could only ask stupid questions and generally be as offensive as possible.

The media, particularly the BBC, then proceeded to ignore it, scoffing and only reporting that we wished to ban the burka on the grounds that wearing it could lead to vitamin D deficiency. One sentence out of 63 pages!

If you have not read the Manifesto, it is on the Website, UKIP.org, under “Learn about UKIP”. Alternatively, a paper copy can be obtained from Mike Jelliss for £5.00. He can be contacted at mikejelliss@worthingukip.org. It is also available Here

The following are just some of the contents of the Manifesto, which barely saw the light of day:

1) Restore our fishing industry by repealing the 1964 London Convention on fishing. Further details can be found on page 8 of the Manifesto.

2) Remove the green levy on energy bills and abolish the TV Licence. P10

3) Solve the housing crisis by building modular homes, which can be built where unemployment is high and transported to locations where they are needed. P16

4) UKIP would be able to provide more money for the NHS by cutting the overseas aid budget. It would also provide more places for trainees and bring back bursaries for nurses. P18

5) UKIP would abolish comprehensive schools and introduce a “horses for courses” approach. There would be 4 types of school, grammar, technical, vocational and specialist schools. The emphasis would be on learning the basics, such as times tables. P24 

6) The amount committed to overseas aid would be reduced from 0.7% GNI to 0.2%. There would also be a dedicated hospital ship fully equipped and ready to go to any disaster in the world. p47
Finally, HS2 would be scrapped and the money used for smaller projects round the network, benefiting everybody and not a few people travelling from London to Birmingham.
UKIP is the only Party which could spend more on health, education and security by scrapping HS2, reducing our overseas aid and the money not being paid to the EU every year. What is there not to like? 

Janet Penn

Janet Penn