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Nigel Farage wins EU Debate

Last night Nigel Farage took part in the first major EU debate of this year with Labour's First Minister of Wales Carwyn Jones. According to both commentators and audience alike Nigel won convincingly.

Click here to rewatch the debate, you will also be able to watch it tonight at 10.40pm on a special edition of Sharp End on ITV Wales.

Here are just some of the reactions to the debate:

79 per cent of people thought Mr Farage won the debate. - Paul Brand, ITV Political Correspondent

“The UKIP leader was certainly in full flow, as only he can be. At times it felt as if Mr Jones was being trampled on.” - Ian Craig, South Wales Argus

"Did we learn anything new? Well if we didn't know already, we learnt how difficult it is for an opponent to land a blow on the UKIP leader in a debate like this.” - Nick Servini, BBC Wales Politics

"However, it does have to be said that Nigel “won” this debate.” - Tim Worstall, Forbes

"79 Per Cent Say Farage Trounced Carwyn Jones" - Breitbart London

It was Nigel Farage who won tonight's heated EU referendum debate against Carwyn Jones” - Wales Online

"Tonight Carwyn Jones and Nigel Farage fired the starting gun on the great European Union referendum debate of 2016. And, sadly for Mr Jones, Nigel Farage won."- David Deans, Wales Online

In the coming weeks and months ahead Nigel and UKIP will continue to argue why the UK would be better off outside of the EU.


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