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New Chartist Movement launched today

Dear all,


The British Constitution Group launched its New Chartist Movement yesterday, the 1st December 2017. I very much hope that this will prove to be an historic launch for the Movement, which aims to restore the proper operation of the British Constitution and the Rule of Law according to our precious and sublime English Common Law. It aims to expose the corruption, injustice and insidious cultural Marxism that infects the Law Courts, Parliament, Police, Social Services and in fact, most government departments and state functions. Most of all, the Movement seeks to free the people from their current enslavement by the elite banksters who control the global economy and money supply and thereby, the governments. The Movement aims to restore prosperity to our land through the Bradbury Pound – debt-free currency issued directly by HM Treasury and backed by the wealth and economic potential of the country.


I honestly feel that the Movement’s core values and objectives are so closely aligned with UKIP’s libertarian world view that the Party would do well to endorse the Movement (which, importantly, is not a political party, nor is it ever likely to become one). I shall be doing all I can to promote an alliance from grassroots up and it would be marvellous if in addition we are able to gain top-down support. So I urge all UKIP members to visit the site, read and absorb the content and if you find yourself in agreement, to promote the New Chartist Movement as far and wide as you are able.