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Make Votes Matter

ce Building Conference 2017 Dear Adrian, Parliament will hold a full debate on Proportional Re


Make Votes Matter


Alliance Building Conference 2017

Dear Adrian,

Parliament will hold a full debate on Proportional Representation on Monday for the first time in seven years. If you haven't already asked your MP to attend, now's the time to tweet or email them.


The petition debate is only happening because of all the parties, organisations and activists who put differences aside and worked together when it came to the single issue of fair votes. This is a blueprint for the success of the movement for PR.

That's why we brought together representatives of all those groups for our second Alliance Building Conference, in Parliament last week. Click below to watch a video of highlights.


Alliance Building Conference video


At the meeting, we planned how the Alliance can work together and in coordination with a grassroots movement of activists to push PR up the political agenda.

We heard how the Labour Party is now more receptive to electoral reform than at any time in living memory, and about the work happening within the party to bring in policy for PR.

We also agreed a major lobbying campaign - led by activists and supported by all the groups present - to take place in early 2018. We're going to be inviting you and all of our supporters to get involved in this groundswell of support for fair votes. If you're keen to be involved, email us now at local@makevotesmatter.org.uk.

None of this can happen without the generous support of people like you who want a better democracy. Please pledge to our Crowdfunder to help us reach our target of £20,000.


With hope and determination,

Joe, Klina and the rest of the team,

Make Votes Matter



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