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Divided We Fall - URGENT MESSAGE

Hello again Folks,


As before I am writing this important message as a B.C.C. (not B.B.C., God help us!) to hundreds of my party contacts.  You all know me and I know you – apologies for the anonymity, but I realise how irritating massive e-storms can become when everyone responds and copies in everyone on the e-list.


Well, Friday’s coming and I hope it will be a Good one.  I’ll certainly be sitting there in the audience munching my popcorn.  More than anything, I am looking forward to giving my full support to whomever emerges as our new party leader - whether I voted for the winner or not.


Please continue reading!


What will be utterly destructive to British Britain is if you yourself fail to stand firm with our party.  UKIP is the only bastion of defence in the months, years and indeed decades ahead.  There is nowhere else to go, unless you want to switch off entirely from constructive resistance to the invaders and traitors, who seek to eradicate the culture we cherish.


Anybody subsequently launching new counter-parties will be hailed (behind closed doors) by the enemies of British Britain as the heroes who split and thus destroyed organised patriotic resistance.  Beware also of those who seek to distance us from kindred patriots and siblings-in-arms here at home and indeed right across Europe, whose clarity of vision matches our own.


Any of my colleagues who – because their horse didn’t win – snipes, squeals or scarpers, will be no better than the Remainers, whom we despise so.  In such a case, I heartily commend the following Link:




But let me say this to you now from the bottom of my heart: the issues relating to Brexit and Wrexit, important as they are, will pale into virtual insignificance when compared with the horrors ahead, which your offspring and their offspring will have to endure, suffer and ultimately submit to - in cultural perpetuity.


Please watch this wholly objective 5-minute video to remind yourself – yet again - what we are talking about. 




Mike Glennon
Chairman - UKIP West Sussex​

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