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Caroline Stephens

Dear all

In addition to my current email circular, please also listen to Dave Ellis talking about EU Military Integration way back to Winchester November, 2016......Military union is as valuable as the currency itself.  Dave met Lord Tebbit in the House of Lords and he recounted the story of Maggie Thatcher being told about military union....Military union supports the Euro. 

Caroline Stephens
Please feel free to follow me on Twitter https://twitter.com/CasAnnStephens

“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” ― Edmund Burke

The film that they don't want you to watch.......

Good evening everyone
Sorry to badger you all but we need to continue pressing on and educating people about the government's plans to hand over our armed forces to Brussels.  I don't think that giving our military away is a fair exchange for access to the single market myself!!  We now have reached over the 10 k mark on the e-petition  - almost 1k signatures per day.  Just think how much quicker our campaign would grow if everyone on this round robin could:
1) Sign https://www.change.org/p/members-of-parliament-eu-defence-force-alert  (we know that the government will never discuss this or any other e-petition based on their deceit)
2) Circulate around your branches/network groups (If applicable) . Place on various websites.  
3) Tweets to MPs and organisations such as MSM and the Armed Forces organisations.  Tweets of this afternoon read:
UK officials and MPs are being sent this deceptive EU language ahead of the UK decision on PESCO military union. 
Inline image 1

1/ The line “decision-making will remain in the hands of participating member states”, actually means plural states not each member state… 
2/ A member state joining PESCO does NOT retain its decision-making autonomy. Decisions are made at EU Council under EU Commission ‘advice’. 
3/ The “voluntary” basis is rendered functionally impossible by the process to make forces, finances, command and assets rapidly conjoined. 
4/ That prevents withdrawal. While inside PESCO, participation in structures is not a case-by-case choice, as ‘remains voluntary’ implies. 
5/ Technically, PESCO military union is voluntary at entry albeit with the currently-seen financial and political arm-twisting from the EU. 
6/ Despite the UK’s vote to leave, UK Govt is incredibly weighing up whether to JOIN this PESCO military union. Decision expected end-Nov. 

What does Estonia think about Brexit?  Please watch this 4 minute video. 

 Engage people in conversation in your everyday lives.  Today I was in Waitrose (it could easily have been Tesco's or Lidl!) and I engaged the Royal British Legion chap in conversation.  'Do you know that our Government intends to hand over our military to Brussels?'  I asked.....Please try not to give anybody a heart attack though!!  Exchange contact details.  They may wish to forward this information to people in the armed forces....REMEMBER WE WANT BREXIT AND GOD WANTS BREXIT!!  

Send the (suggested) template to your local MP:
Dear Mr/Mrs. ............
As my constituency Member of Parliament, I would like to draw your attention to the PESCO (EU Military Integration) talks that took place between our government and the other 27 EU states on 19th October, 2017.

2) To date, despite a subsequent parliamentary discussion on 23rd October and one arranged by the Defence Committee on 25th October with Johnny Mercer MP grilling Michael Fallon MP, nobody has yet mentioned the PESCO talks.  The media is also strangely silent on the issue. Why?
3)  The British people have now established an e-petition using the Change.org website.

I understand that if our Government hands over confirmation of their approval of PESCO military integration by the end of November, 2017 our military forces will fall into 'foreign hands'.  The matter can then not be overturned until we revert back to our Common Law.

I would urge you to undertake a thorough investigation of this matter and then I would like to meet with you to discuss further.

Kind regards

I am collating ALL responses. MPs will be named and shamed on UK Column.  Nothing we do is a waste of time!! Only doing nothing is a waste of time!!  When we are asked in years to come  - 'what did we do when the government and their servants were plotting and scheming against the British people', how will we respond? 

You might be sitting there thinking all these things can be undone when we get a different government in!!  Can they? I remember questioning David Myddleton and Jacob Rees-Mogg in October, 2016  about the fact that the Comprehensive Trade Agreement will take some 20 years to unravel.  It was obvious then that we weren't getting (a proper) Brexit.

If we are too busy, disinterested or can't be bothered to pay our dues to those servicemen and women who died for our security then we might as well chuck this politics lark in!  Even our MPs are having the truth withheld from them but we have to keep up the pressure!!  Many of us are rightly concerned about the rise in Islam, chem trails, cultural Marxism, the BBC and MSM, proportional representation and so on but all of this actually pales into insignificance when considering the very prospect of our military being dictated to Brussels and our forces working as a 'regular team member 'with the French and Germans! You try explaining this to some of our veterans! We cannot ever be a sovereign state again whilst we are dictated to by Brussels or is it Berlin?!!  We said we would take back control.  That was our promise.  We must ensure that we do everything in our power to make this happen!  I want to wear my poppy feeling proud of the UK!  For the Christians on this email, you may like to read 2 Kings 19: 14- 19

I can only leave the matter with you all. To Brexit or not to Brexit....that is the question!

Have a good evening.
Caroline Stephens

Please feel free to follow me on Twitter https://twitter.com/CasAnnStephens

“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” ― Edmund Burke
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