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Alan Stone from UKIP Basingstoke email

Dear Chairman, Committee member and fellow UKIP supporter,

I presume that by now you have all heard about the current leaderships position on the policy "ban the burka".
Our leadership want to follow through with this idea in the interest of national security and for emancipating islamic women, taking them out of oppression and subordination.
    My first protest rally was around the countries insistence on motorcyclists wearing crash helmets.I joined rallies against the blanket order and for the freedom of choice we, as British people, have fought to uphold. I still believe crash helmets are a sensible idea and I still believe in freedom of choice.
    I do hope our manifesto does not include "ban the burka" we are a libertarian party not an authoritarian party. We should allow businesses and councils etc to be able to set their own dress code policies that may include "no trainers" "no helmets" " no shorts" or "no veils" that will eventually make wearing inappropriate clothing more socially unacceptable and awkward.
    Please support my campaign against a burka ban being part of UKIP policy by forwarding this mail to
paul.nuttall@ukip.org ,
paul.oakden@ukip.org and every sensible UKIP supporter you know.

Alan Stone
Chairman (for now) UKIP Basingstoke