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Adrian's open letter to Chief Constable Mike Veale

Having just heard of renewed activity regarding Chief Constable Mike Veale’s open video letter regarding Operation Conifer, investigating claims of sexual abuse perpetrated by British Prime Minister Edward Heath, I thought you might care to post this on the website. We are urged by his supporters to watch his video, tell others about it, and write to him in support and encouragement. His e-mail address is mike.veale@wiltshire.pnn.police.uk.



Dear Chief Constable Veale,


I live in West Sussex but work for a Swindon-based company.


I am writing to thank you for your courage and determination in pursuing Operation Conifer. You are doing exactly what the British public requires and expects of our senior police officers – upholding the Law and following the evidence without fear or favour, but many of us are well aware of the great pressure you must be under to abandon your investigation. There is a growing public awareness that in Britain we have a grave problem of child sexual abuse by elite paedophile rings and that elements of the establishment routinely conspire in cover-ups, deliberately ineffectual investigations and abortive official inquiries.


I have heard from highly credible sources that the evidence against Sir Edward Heath is ‘absolutely overwhelming’, and I have heard the same of other politicians and high ranking public figures some of whom have been publicly accused then exonerated by the media. I have heard first-hand accounts of the vilest corruption involving police, social services, courts conspiring to pervert the course of justice and to persecute law-abiding citizens who report paedophile advances. It is clear that far from being ‘historical abuse’, this is a widespread and ongoing problem of a magnitude that most people would find hard to credit and one that goes right to the heart of the state.


The only chance for decency and justice to prevail in our country lies with honest, dedicated and courageous public servants such as yourself, supported by an ever-growing number of awake individuals. We are doing everything in our power to publicise your Open Letter and to increase the view and social media share count.


With renewed thanks, yours sincerely,


Adrian Price