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Adrian's Letter To Henry Bolton

Dear Henry,

You may recall that we spoke at the Burgess Hill hustings and a couple of times at the conference. I left you with a document outlining my thoughts on the threats that corporate globalism in its many aspects poses to freedom, justice and security. Oh – and a leaflet promoting the UK Column, who cover many of these topics with deep experience and authority. I renew my congratulations on your election as Leader.

I am writing to you both as Leader and in your capacity as Defence Spokesman because the accelerating military union between the UK and the EU poses an existential threat to British nationhood and sovereignty. As you are no doubt aware, there has been much recent and open talk of launching Permanent Structured Cooperation (‘PESCO’) before this year is out. Over the last decade or so Britain’s armed forces have been cut to the bone, to the point where many vital defence functions have now been irrevocably impaired – nuclear submarines and aircraft carriers being just two of many examples. So-called bilateral defence agreements have made us dependent on foreign powers for such vital functions. Absolutely intentional, this ‘capacity levelling’ manifests the implementation of the long-planned EU military union. Several joint EU military Command and Control centres have already been built and commissioned, ready for activation at 24 hours’ notice – we will in time see our forces placed under the command of foreign officers. There will be joint capital and operational budgets, which will naturally need to be administered by a Treasury that will of course want to acquire direct taxation powers. I recommend the UK Column’s Defence pages as a rich and authoritative source of further information on this entire topic.

How is any of this compatible with Brexit and sovereign nationhood? An independent defence capability is utterly indispensable to a sovereign nation – but we have all but lost that capacity and by the year end what remains of our military sovereignty will enter an irrevocable process of planned dissolution.

I’m very concerned that apart from a couple of mentions at the conference, UKIP is strangely silent on this topic. Surely we should be shouting this from the rooftops? Surely we should have a prominent position paper on our website? Or perhaps I have missed something…

With best regards,

Adrian Price
Acting Chairman
UKIP Worthing West