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What Happened at the Party

The UKIP Worthing West Branch

A Good night was enjoyed by all meeting old friends and making some new ones, we had people from as far afield, as Bognor 

and Littlehampton, Arundel and South Downs, Hove and Portslade, East Worthing and Shoreham Branches as well 

as Worthing West. 

Discussions ranged from: 

Brexit. The general consensus was that UKIP members main reason for being in UKIP was to achieve Brexit. 

The NEC It was generally felt that the Constitution and the NEC needed reforming.

Leadership " It was generally felt that we had been badly let down by  a series of leaders". 

The General Election. At present it does not look as if we will be standing a candidate as we would probably loose our 

depotit. So we have to decide to either vote for the Conservatives and the "Boris deal" or the Brexit party and "No Deal"

I should like to have your views


Thanks to all at the John Selden, Half Moon Lane, Salvington BN12 2 EN

Their hospitality and food was as good as ever