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The Only Post-Brexit Political Party

Dear members,
If you haven’t already seen it, please take a look at the brilliant new “live manifesto” the party has setting out our position as the only political party wanting a clean break from the European Union and looking forward to a post-Brexit future. 
With local elections in May, along with London Assembly elections and campaign preparations for the Welsh Assembly elections, we need your support to fight as many seats as we can and bring in much-needed funds to grease the campaign cogs. If you or your branch can, please donate to the party using the link below or send payment direct to head office. 
The need for UKIP has never been greater. Please get your friends and family to join our fight for a small government, low tax country which puts the working person first and stands up for common sense in an ever-changing political environment and a politically correct minefield. 
We also want our members back! If you know of people who left to continue the referendum fight with the Brexit Party, please welcome them back. It’s only with a fully functioning UKIP this country can have a functioning government. 
Your party needs you. Please give what you can and stand for election. 
Donate to UKIP
Ben Walker