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Party Update from Ben Walker interim Chairman

Dear Members,
    My apologies for the long message but, there are a number of announcements I must make.
I, along with all party officials, have been working 24/7 to catch up with overflowing in-trays and to ensure the party has a stable platform to continue the fight.
    I’m very much looking forward to the next Regional Chairmans/Organiser meeting, where we will be getting to work on much-needed reform and big announcements on a new Local Elections Campaign Team.
    Party Leadership
In the latest Independence Magazine, due to a cache error, the initial announcement about the leadership election did not appear until a later version. This has now been rectified. Although I wasn’t responsible for the production of the first online magazine, teething issues are to be expected but, it’s not acceptable to improperly advertise a leadership election.
    I am announcing an extension to the leadership election deadline. If you would like to stand to be the leader of UKIP, you should:
1. Be a member in good standing of the party for five years, and must
2. Pay a nonrefundable deposit of £10,000.
(Terms set by the party’s NEC). Application forms and a full set of 
 the rules for candidates may be obtained from Head Office.
    Completed applications need to lodged with Head Office before 5PM Friday, 17th January.
London Assembly Elections
These elections are fast approaching and the party needs to compile its list of candidates.
    If you are interested in standing, can you please contact the National Campaign Manager to register your interest by email to myword_is_mybond@hotmail.com by 5PM 14th January. You will then be invited to attend a hustings event chaired by me, organised by the London Regional Committee who will also be responsible for the selection of the list along with London members. The list will then be presented to the NEC for ratification, just as it was for the Welsh Assembly elections.
Constitution Working Group
    It has always been my frustration that the party’s constitution is one of its strongest assets yet, at times, can be its most problematic. That’s why I’m re-introducing a Constitutional Working Group that will consider, research, develop and present constitutional updates to the party’s NEC to ensure it always remains fair and current.
    If you have a keen interest in constitutional law, company law and have relevant experience, then get involved! Please send a short email to ben.walker@ukip.org with your contact details, experiences and why you should be part of the group.
Party Discipline
In recent times the party hasn’t had a firm handle on internal disputes and discipline. Whilst I have no intention of taking an iron first approach, I will not accept a blatant disregard and lack of respect for fellow members. There is nothing wrong with having opposing views and opinions, in fact, it’s what differentiates UKIP from the crowd but, it’s simply unacceptable to post mistruths, misrepresentations and attacks about any member on social media and email; none of which is helpful to the party when public. Please refrain from any such action as I will take an extremely dim view of any such reports made to me or party officials.
Party Fundraising
Are you a budding fundraiser or perhaps fundraise as a profession? Then we need your help. I’m looking for a small team of members with exactly this expertise to produce ideas and campaigns to work alongside the party Treasurer. If this is you, please email ben.walker@ukip.org
    I would just like to take this opportunity to thank you all for your continued support of the party and look forward to a year full of new developments and when the party started to take local elections seriously.

Ben Walker
Interim National Party Chairman