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EGM letter for Branch Officers to consider sending written by Roger Arthur

? (I believe this email is from Kim Fearn, Wigan Branch)

Dear Ben

This branch sent you a formal request for an EGM on ??? 2019, along with a cheque for £???. But an
email from you just before Christmas, states that you have put the EGM process on hold, pending
clarification of the motion(s).
    As you know, every Constitution must have means for members to hold the Executive to account.
EGMs are the means for UKIP and we were pleased to see your acknowledgement that “branches
have an absolute right, under the Constitution, to submit requests for an EGM”.
    So now we expect the NEC to respect the spirit of the Constitution by engaging with the concerns of
members. A principal EGM theme is that all NEC members should “stand down and facilitate new
NEC elections”. We hereby confirm that this Branch wants that done and that that is the wish of the
majority of those who voted at branch EGM meetings.
    If NEC members refuse to do that, then you must arrange an EGM very soon, acting in good faith and
without procrastination. Doing nothing is clearly not an option. So please respect the spirit of of the
Constitution and the branch EGM motions.
    In case that is still not clear: This Branch requires the NEC to stand down and resign en-bloc and
that the interim Leader should organise free and fair elections. There is no ambiguity about that, so
please comply with the spirit of the Constitution and do as directed. Either stand down and prepare
for new elections, or arrange a national EGM.
    Many thanks for taking the time to read this. We look forward to hearing from you.

PS. In summary we expect the following measures to be taken.
    1. ALL elected members, non-voting Appointed Officers, ex officio Appointed Officers, and ex
officio Voting Members of the NEC including the Party Chairman, to step down and resign with
immediate effect.
    2. New NEC elections shall be organised immediately, with an RO acceptable to those branches
which requested EGMs.
    3. All members whose memberships were suspended or who were placed ‘not in good standing’
from 1st June 2019 to have those suspensions or ‘not in good standing’ statuses set aside and
declared void and expunged from the record with immediate effect.
    4. The interim Leader to stay in position to ensure smooth transition to the final stage of this
undertaking. To ensure the Party is properly constituted with the Electoral Commission the recently
resigned Treasurer to be reappointed and a new interim Chairman, independent of NEC.
    5. The Leadership election is to be set aside until after new NEC elections.
    6. A new leadership election shall then be initiated by the Interim Leader and New NEC body.
   We would prefer action 3 to be given priority, but based on experience, we have little confidence
that the existing NEC will do that.