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The fight continues to get UKIP shipshape and Bristol fashion.

Dear Members,

The fight continues to get UKIP shipshape and Bristol fashion.

This year, for one reason or another, we have lost many members of our management team. I have made progress in repairing this for the interim period.

Over the last couple of weeks, I had taken on the duties of Interim Leader, Party Chairman, General Secretary, the go-to person for our wonderful Head Office staff, and also been a general out-of-hours-response-centre, receiving many telephone calls, emails and messages from members.

At the NEC meeting 14th December 2019, the following appointments were approved by a majority of committee members:

Party Chairman for the interim period: Ben Walker.

Ben is within driving distance of Head Office. He will, therefore, be in a position to physically support Head Office Staff. This is long overdue. Ben will work closely with Pete Muswell, who has been appointed as Deputy Chairman for the interim period. Pete is based in London.

Working together, they will fulfil the duties of Chairman of the Party and ensure good governance.
These appointments may not suit everyone - however, they will remain in place for the interim period. It is impossible to please everyone. These people will prove their worth in a very short period.

General Secretary for the interim period: Freddy Vachha, the hard-working National Campaign Manager and Regional Chairman for London.

Freddy will be dealing with all outstanding matters concerning members not in good standing, outstanding sanctions and general disciplinary matters. He will if necessary, appoint a hearing committee to deal with more complicated cases.

Party Director for the interim period: Paul Williams. Paul has held this post previously.
Our 2019 Manifesto has been well received by members and journalists. We are attracting new members from other Political Parties as reported at the recent NEC meeting.

David Kurten, the main author of our manifesto, has been appointed Head of Policy.

Policy proposals should be sent in the first instance to David (David will be inviting members and spokespeople to his planned policy meetings). David will report to the NEC for agreement to amend our “live manifesto”, available on our Website.

For contact details of our new management team, please visit our National Website http://www.ukip.org

On to other matters:

It has come to my notice that “Integrity”, reportedly led by Peter McIlvenna and Alan Craig, both ex-members of UKIP, is continuing its road trip around the country inviting UKIP members to attend its meetings. They have described themselves as a Momentum-style group; we all know what damage Momentum and its techniques did to the Labour Party.

Integrity is a proscribed group - please see our National Website. Without any doubt, UKIP members must NOT attend these meetings. Any association with proscribed groups or associated individuals can bring the Party into disrepute and may prove sufficient grounds for expulsion.

The Independence Magazine
“The Indy” will be sent out digitally on the 20th December. I think you will find it an interesting and informative read. It will contain useful information on how to access defunct Branch Bank Accounts, a notice from our returning officer, Piers Wauchope concerning the forthcoming Leadership Election, and much more from our Spokesmen and Spokeswomen. You will be able to put a face to the names of your NEC members.

I hope festive arrangements are going well and not too many of you are suffering from seasonal ailments!

Speak again soon,
Kind regards,

Patricia Mountain
Interim Leader