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With all the criteria of a remain voters, you'd think we would have voted that way, a second home in the Alps, use of the pet passport and of course the invaluable EHiCS card.
    Travelling with ease by car across many border points in Europe through France and Germany and into Austria, and sometimes once there nipping over the border to Italy just to get home cooked pasta at a typical Italian.
We have gone to Slovenia to Kranjska Gora for their fabulous Calamari...
Why did we vote to leave when we stood to loose so much?
    When you use the channel tunnel frequently you're used to the routine, and when it got scary in 2015 I got worried. We ended up in the wrong lane on the approach road and got stuck in crawling heavy goods traffic. On the truck in front were several African migrants dangling from the rear , with crow bars and hammers trying to get in the truck.... we were close , too close and noticed many more in the embankment possibly about 30 all together.
One jumped from the truck, a big guy an angry looking man and came towards our vehicle, wielding the iron bar. To say we felt helpless is an understatement. The car has blacked out rear windows, my 3 little dogs weren't visible.
    As the man got near and we were thinking of some sort of escape route I let the windows down just a little , because my dogs go crazy when anyone comes near the car and Robbie sounds much bigger than he is.
The man heard the dogs and slowly retreated but not before he said 'hey blondie,' and did a beheading sign to me in the passenger seat. It all happened very suddenly and we managed to zoom off up the hard shoulder.

Subsequent trips found similar situations and we had to forego any crossing after dark as it was literally far too dangerous.
    One Christmas the migrants had set both carriageways alight with a flaming tyres and wood barricade again as we left the tunnel streams of cars sat like sitting ducks hoping that the riot police who were present in their droves would keep us safe.
We deliberately went down an exit road the wrong way to get on to some back roads which we used for about 30 km till we were past the troubles.
My heart was pounding and my palms sweaty, remember our truck drivers are faced with this day in day out and basically ignored by the media, as this sort of publicity is dire for the EU and their terrible migration directives.
    Should we really have to tolerate this simply to use a holiday home in a country that isn't at war?
The Jungle camp was finally taken down and these migrants are now spread across the northern seaboard of France and Belgium, never the less they are still waiting around to chance it to the UK.
    It made me question what was going on in Europe.
Most people who aren't so involved in Brexit are all busy arguing about the promoted distractions supplied to us in daily doses by the mainstream media.
Science and tech, economy, free movement , workers rights ALL UTTER DISTRACTIONS.

When one of the founding fathers of the EU Jean Monet said in a letter in April 1952 to a fellow Europhile
'The peoples of Europe should be guided towards a superstate , without realising why, this can be achieved in stages
and DISGUISED as having economic benefit.' it was an insight into the all encompassing EU's final goal. Why did it have to be disguised if it was any good?
BREXIT has scuppered that.
    The EU have allowed massive migration, which I may add is still ongoing on a daily basis changing the demography of each European country for ever.
    We're far too feisty right now , we're educated and we protest and demonstrate, look at Catalan, look at the yellow vests in France we kick off they don't want it.
They want Europeans to evolve into one easy to control nations with no allegiances to family, country, or societies.
    Their future society is a two tiered society of elite and worker bees. They want a people who will not challenge political decisions , so they can keep the wealth with the elite.
    Certain sections of society will benefit, big business, lobbyists, climate change employees, civil servants and to some degree science and tech. Anything which benefits giant corporations and creates new or increased taxes.
    This is a topic every politician is fully aware of but will never ever discuss, as it is political suicide to even briefly mention it
You may ask why? well think, why do you think it's kept under wraps, because they couldn't handle the public outcry.
    Remainers dismiss this as a conspiracy theory, but it isn't it even has a name. The Coudenhove Kalargie Plan...goggle it!
It's took them decades to get this far and Brexit could sink their plans.
Many might dismiss this, I did when I first found out, I felt sick to my stomach. I was in denial for several weeks, till I did more digging.
    The EU is not fully federal yet, but they reward their ambassadors generously, Tony Blair, was awarded their highest accolade, he won The Charlemagne Prize, which is given to those who have worked towards the FEDERALISATION of Europe. Merkel is another winner.
    This always amuses me when remainiacs (and if you are still cribbing about the result of the vote, then yes you are a remainiac) say we didn't know what we voted for, I knew what I voted for and what I voted against.
I am against crippling Europe for future generations, I am against be dumbed down. I am against their ill thought out product replacement scheme baring in mind we are the product.
If this means more difficulties for me and my lifestyle I'll live with it . If the EU had anything about them at all, if they really cared for the people, shouldn't they be making our transition as workable as possible , because they could have done this.
    Do you really want to be part of a political regime that has bankrupted Greece, and has 4 other member states on the point of financial collapse, and is still inviting more skint countries to join in, who is to fund all this ?
Now does this sound like an entity that is bothered about the masses ?
David Sumner Rebecca Butler Claudia Kootbaully

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