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EU Election Campaigning

Thank you so much to those of you who are spending time campaigning and have donated money to this campaign.
    We're already hearing of organisations excluding UKIP from the debate so if you are invited to any 'cross-party' events and you don't see any UKIP representation, please ask the event organiser why, and do what you can to ensure the UKIP message is getting out there.
    We have just 13 days to go, so if you are a new member or have never taken part in a UKIP campaign, now is definitely the time! Please get in touch with your local UKIP team to see how you can get involved. Action days are taking place all over the country but if you don't know who to contact, give HQ a call on 01626 830630 and ask who your local officers are. The office is open Mon-Fri 9am - 5pm.
UKIP vs The Brexit Party

It is very unfortunate that our previous Party Leader felt he needed to lead a new party into these European Elections. It was especially difficult to hear Nigel call our supporters 'vile' in a recent interview. This includes the nearly 4 million people who voted UKIP in the 2015 General Election and the circa 30,000 members who campaigned for over two decades, not just to leave the EU, but for the policies and ideals that make UKIP the party it has become.
    We are democratic, we have substance, and a constitution. We have history, policies and we are the Party of the People. As members of UKIP, YOU have a voice. 
    If you are considering voting for the Brexit Party or even joining their newsletter list, please think about the future of British politics and the common sense policies that UKIP has developed and promoted over the last quarter century.
    The Brexit Party is dangling shiny new carrots in front of our eyes at the most critical time in British politics. It has no real substance or structure and is basically a tory facade. UKIP is funded by you, our members and individual donors. We don't pay delivery companies to deliver our leaflets for us, we campaign in all weathers and our hard working activists do their very best to speak to voters all year round. You are certainly not 'vile'! 
    Britain deserves a Party who will work harder than anyone for the people, and UKIP is real, grassroots politics. So I implore you - if your heart lies with UKIP, please get out there and vote UKIP on 23rd May.

Yours thankfully,
UKIP Chairman


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