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Brexit News

MP's has debated the Leave the EU without a deal in March 2019 (337,082 signatures} Government Response 

Democracy or the EU - pick one Daniel Hannan 17/01/2019
EU ON THE BRINK: The AfD Threatens 'DEXIT' after 'BREXIT'!!! 14/01/2019

Bercow and Brexit wreckers deserve no respect 11/01/2019
Brexit is not "To Difficult" to implement  Change Britain Video 11/01/2019
Remain campaigners dismiss talk of an EU army as a "dangerous fantasy"Europe is forming an army 11/01/2019
Replacement Migration: Is It a Solution to Declining and Ageing Populations? 08/01/2019
Leave with NO deal Theresa! 300,000 sign petition demanding PM leave EU and scrap deal 07/01/2019The Many Lies Of the Remain Campaign 05/01/2019
Muslim Man CHARGED Over Attack On British Soldier 05/01/2019

Brexit: European Commission implements “no-deal” Contingency Action Plan in specific sectors 31/12.2018A successful No Deal – the Remainers’ worst nightmare 30/12/2018

Our European friends say thank you to British rail privatisation for all their rail savings. 20/12
Remain Overspent by Double 19/12
The EU-Irish Conspiracy Against Brexit Exposed in revealing speech 17/12
This Labour MP Just Gave an Amazing Pro-Brexit Speech, Gets a Standing Ovation 17/12
The Commonwealth Option 16/12
Westminster Elite ‘Gearing Up’ For Second Referendum 16/12
Two of Prime Minister Theresa May’s most senior allies are plotting a second referendum 16/12
Gollum or May? on the Brexit Deal 12/12
EXCLUSIVE: The REAL Inside Story of UKIP’s Pro-Brexit Rally 10/12
Traitor Theresa signing Global Migration Pact is moral blackmail and national suicide 08/12
Relax – a no-deal Brexit will be fine 04/12
Theresa May's Brexit deal is illegal and must be stopped 04/12
Bank of England gives green light to WTO Brexit
Mogg Slams Carney: ‘Second-tier Canadian Politician Who Has Damaged Bank of England’s Reputation’
Ten myths from the ‘no-deal’ Project Fear