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Brexit Betrayal and the Death of British Democracy

We write to express our deep anger and great sorrow at the death of British Democracy on the 29th March.

On 23rd June 2016, with a record 72% turnout, the British electorate considered the EU Referendum question “Should the United Kingdom remain a member of the European Union or leave the European Union?” A 52% majority – 17.4 million people – voted to “Leave the European Union”. No ‘ifs’, no ‘buts’, no conditions, no qualifiers – we voted to Leave, period. We voted to end the dictatorship of the European Commission, the primacy of corpus juris and the European Court of Justice, to restore our sublime but gravely threatened system of English Common Law justice. We voted to leave the customs union and the single market, to take up our vacant seat at the World Trade Organisation and to regain our sovereign right to negotiate bilateral free trade deals around the world. We voted to stop paying exorbitant sums of money to the EU every month. We voted to end the uncontrolled immigration that has changed our country beyond recognition, sent house prices sky-high, suppressed wages and driven our infrastructure and services to the brink of collapse. We voted to regain control of our fishing waters so that we can rebuild our fishing fleet. And so much else besides.

David Cameron promised the British people that the Government would honour the referendum result and deliver all this. Theresa May as PM subsequently confirmed on no less than 120 occasions that the UK would leave the EU on the 29th March 2019. The PM also stated on no less than 100 occasions that ‘no deal is better than a bad deal’. Yet Theresa May’s Withdrawal Agreement turned out to be such a bad deal that it has been defeated three times in the Commons, with Leavers and Remainers alike voting against it. I was staggered to read of its provisions, as highlighted by John Redwood in his letter to Attorney General Geoffrey Cox. In this light, there is no sense in which May’s Deal delivers the Brexit we all voted for – it is Brexit in name only and worse than remaining within the EU. Theresa May always was and remains a Remainer to the core and is clearly bent on keeping the UK subordinate to the EU at all costs. I understand that the PM is considering presenting her WA to the Commons for a fourth time soon – if she does, I hope and pray that the Commons has the wisdom to reject it for a fourth time. This is the typical war of attrition that the EU wages against the will of the people whenever democracy gets in the way of its autocratic ambitions.

The 29th March came and went but apparently we did not leave the EU. Yet leaving the EU on that date was enshrined in law by the European Union (Notification of Withdrawal) Act 2017, which cannot lawfully be overturned by a mere Statutory Instrument. It requires another Act of Parliament to repeal but no such Act has been passed. Therefore, according to the law of the land, we ought to have left the EU on 29th but this is denied by the Government. So not only is democracy dead but our elected leaders are once again acting in violation of the Constitution.

According to constitutional experts, our membership of the EU has always been in violation of the British Constitution. Parliament exercises its sovereignty on behalf of the Monarch, who in turn holds it in trust for the People. Parliament does not have the constitutional authority to surrender its sovereignty to a foreign power, but this is exactly what it has done in increasing measure through each of the six EU treaties. The architects of the European Project (Monet, Salter et al) openly wrote that European union could only be achieved by deceiving the peoples of Europe into believing that the project was about trade, whereas in fact the true long term objective from the outset was nothing short of complete political, monetary and military union. Successive British government ministers, starting with Edward Heath, have lied through their teeth about there being ‘no essential loss of sovereignty [to the EU]’. Lord Kilmuir’s 1960 letter to Edward Heath made it perfectly clear that signing a treaty that surrendered any law-making or judicial competencies to the EEC would be an act of Treason. Then there was the disgraceful episode of the European Constitution, defeated on account of its rejection by the French and the Dutch. How did the EU respond? They created the Lisbon Treaty, containing all the important provisions of the rejected Constitution but deliberately obfuscated and fragmented into multiple annexed documents to make it all but impossible to understand. And how did the Labour Government of the day respond? They ensured that the 3,000-page text of the Treaty was only made available to the Commons one working day before the Lisbon debate, thereby ensuring that few MPs really knew what they were voting for! Any contract or treaty founded on bad faith and wilful deception is null and void. The entire history of deceit over the EU is documented exhaustively in Booker and North’s seminal work ‘The Great Deception’ and elsewhere. Lately, various Remainer MPs have whined about being called traitors and about the accusations of Treason levelled against them, seemingly ignorant that they are, in fact, collectively guilty as charged.

Then there is the matter of European military unification, about which the EU leaders are talking earnestly, yet on which British MPs seem to be in uniform states of ignorance, denial or, more likely, whipped silence. It’s almost as if there is a D Notice on this topic for it receives little or no in-depth mainstream press coverage. Make no mistake, this goes far deeper than mere ‘structured cooperation’ - the plan is and always has been full EU military unification: integrated command and control, centralised capital and operational budgets, integrated procurement policy and surrendering control of our independent nuclear deterrent to the EU. Unified EU Military command and control centres already exist (in Northwood HQ, Potsdam and elsewhere), ready for activation within 24 hours. If we lose control of our military, which we are set to do, we will have definitively lost our sovereignty. More lies, more deceit and more treason.

After decades of lies, denial and outright deceit, democracy in the United Kingdom finally died on the 29th March. We the People have completely lost faith in the democratic process; to restore it an immediate no-deal exit on WTO terms is necessary.

We therefore urge you, as the elected representative of a constituency that voted to Leave, to vote against the WA should it be re-presented to the House in any form and to demand an immediate exit on WTO terms.

Yours sincerely,
Adrian Price, Jan Weston and Dan Price