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Adrian's Information

Adrian is a family man; he and his partner have four grown-up children and seven grandchildren. He has lived in Worthing for seventeen years, working from home as a software architect for a major international enterprise software manufacturer. Adrian has also worked in youth training, manufacturing and electronics industries and held directorial positions at several
software companies in Britain and North America.
To serve the Tarring community would be his privilege.
Adrian believes in traditional British values of individual freedom, privacy, the rule of law, democracy and transparent, accountable government. Realising that these precious things and much else we take for granted are being stealthily but steadily eroded by an emerging
dictatorship arriving via the EU, in 2011 he joined UKIP to raise awareness and defend our freedom.
The EU is but one manifestation of the long-term global plan to regionalize and dissolve all nation states and to subjugate all peoples to one world government controlled by powerful transnational corporations. This is Communitarianism at work, the ‘Third Way’, blending
Socialism and Capitalism. It’s the privatisation of state functions, the blurring of boundaries between state, corporations and NGOs. It’s the ‘post-democratic’ era, where decisions are imposed by an unelected, unaccountable elite, where the state monitors and controls every aspect of your daily lives.
Adrian serves as Publication Officer on the UKIP Worthing West committee and has stood as the Goring Ward candidate in the Adur and Worthing Borough Council 2013 by-election. Adrian was born in Surrey; he and his partner of thirty years have lived in Wales and Canada, then Worthing since 1998; between them they have four children and seven grandchildren. He has supported UKIP for many years and been a party member since 2011. As a computer software architect he works from home for a major international enterprise software company as part of a globally distributed engineering team. He enjoys gym, running, mountain biking, DIY, genealogy, electronics and computer music making.