Craig Mckinley

E-mail from Mick Penn      1 Nov 

Dear All, BBC South East last night at 6.30pm reported on the court case at Southwark crown court in which Craig Mckinley was charged over the Thanet Election mis- demeanours.. It was interesting to hear the report just interim at the moment. Also there was a report about Aaron Banks sending out leaflets to all Folkestone constituents. Apparently Folkestone voted 62% for Brexit, but their MP is a Remainer who used his chairmanship of a select committee to try and discredit Banks.

In our area we get BBC South which did not report these items since I suppose they consider them LOCAL to South East, but I think they warranted wider coverage.

I got BBC South East on Catch up., They list the regional news programmes from all BBC regions so you can just down load them and watch.

Remember the programme was on BBC- BBC South East- Wednesday 6.30pm. Note the Thanet UKIP and Brexit items were not on the 10.30 pm programme.

Mick Penn

Also I found this report
Mike Jelliss