Britain’s New Role in the World

By reclaiming our status as an independent, democratic nation, the UK can through force of example play a role similar to that it played through force of arms in two World Wars: that of a shining star illuminating the way ahead for other European countries.
There is no question about it: when we leave the EU, Britain will retain her status as a permanent member of the United Nations Security Council, and as a leading member of NATO, the organisation that has been the bedrock of our security since the aftermath of the Second World War. We will sustain our position within the special intelligence ‘Five Eyes’ alliance with the US, Canada, New Zealand and Australia, and continue to value our home within the Commonwealth. 
Indeed, Brexit means we can help re-invigorate the Commonwealth, with trade agreements and increased engagement to give these friendly countries parity of esteem in our foreign  relations policy. 
UKIP will stand up for the territorial integrity  of British dependencies and territories. We remain full committed to upholding the right  to self-determination of the people of the Falkland Islands who overwhelmingly wish to remain British. We will offer the citizens of Gibraltar a referendum on becoming fully British, and having their own MP in the  House of Commons.
Our EU membership has weakened our foreign policy interests, so we naturally welcome our coming freedom. However, we will of course continue our close cooperation with our European partners on matters of defence and security once we have left the EU. 
In the context of an American administration that is re-evaluating its defence commitment to Europe, Britain’s position as our continent’s premier defence power is an asset that will strengthen our hand in Brexit negotiations.
UKIP will work constructively with President Trump. We value the special relationship between the UK and the US, and do not believe gesture politics from establishment politicians seeking to demonstrate their disapproval of his administration is helpful to our national interest. The values shared between the US and the UK will always outlast individual political administrations in either country. We are confident the Trump administration’s positive attitude to Britain will lead to a swift free trade agreement bolstering  our common interests. 
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However, UKIP does not believe in surrendering our national freedom of action, nor pledging our armed forces in advance to any other nation when it comes to important foreign policy decisions, such as those that occurred in the run-up to the Iraq War. UKIP opposed Britain becoming involved in this conflict from the start. 
UKIP supports the recent tradition of consulting parliament before our forces are committed to combat situations. We are proud of our pro-active role in opposing British participation in the planned bombing of Syria  in 2013. 
The results of western military intervention across North Africa and the Middle East in the  21st century have been disastrous, from Libya, to Syria, Iraq, and even to Afghanistan, where a necessary initial 
intervention lost momentum and focus because forces were switched to the Iraq War.
In the years ahead, UKIP will avoid allowing Britain to become embroiled in foreign wars. We will maintain our sceptical view of neoconservative arguments for attempting to deliver change in the Middle East at gunpoint. You cannot bomb people  into democracy.
When it comes to the greatest threat to world peace and the British way of life, UKIP is convinced this comes from the spread of radical Islam across the globe. The threshold for seeking to topple anti-Islamist leaders will therefore remain very high indeed.
We want to see a peaceful resolution to the IsraelPalestine conflict and will put our full diplomatic weight behind seeking this outcome. 
UKIP will seek better relations with Russia, but only on the basis of Russia changing its approach to international relations, no longer seeking  to intervene in and manipulate the conduct of politics in western nations, and having respect for the territorial  integrity of other countries. We see Russia as a potential important ally in the struggle against Islamist terror, and believe Russia should immerse itself in global rules-based relationships instead of seeming to glory in renegade status within the international community.
UKIP will retain Britain’s independent nuclear deterrent. Give the continued existence of rogue states  such as North Korea, any  other policy would be  utterly irresponsible.