Letter to Bottomley

As a staunch Leave campaigner, I view Mrs May’s Withdrawal Agreement as unacceptable, a betrayal and mere simulacrum, a BREXIT in name only. The Prime Minister’s ‘deal’ cannot in any way be seen as a faithful implementation of the will of the 52% / 17.4 million people who voted for Britain to Leave the EU. People voted to leave for many or all of the following reasons:
To undo the decades of lies and deceit of successive governments in concealing the true nature and trajectory of the European Union. Long before the treasonous Edward Heath knowingly lied to Parliament and the British People that the so-called ‘Common Market’ would pose “no essential loss of sovereignty”, the secret plan, now well documented but ever well known to the ruling elite was to dupe the peoples of Europe into accepting ever closer union under the pretext of trade and neighbourly cooperation. Now we understand that the deception of globalism extends much deeper – the EU is but a stepping stone to One World Government by a self-selecting, unaccountable corrupt and criminal global elite.
The European Union has the constitution of a dictatorship and the laws of a police state – we want no part of it.
To protect what’s left of our precious, irreplaceable English Common Law Trial by Jury Constitution and legal system against further erosion by the authoritarian and unjust continental Corpus Juris.
To restore control over the mass immigration that is changing our communities beyond recognition and stressing our critical infrastructure to breaking point.
To end the primacy of the EC and ECJ and restore our lost national sovereignty, that We The People may be governed by representatives who we elect and who we can hold democratically accountable.
To enable us to negotiate our own trade agreements with countries around the world.
To enable us to regain control over our fishing grounds and reinstate the flourishing British fishing industry that we had before EU membership all but destroyed it.

For a comprehensive evaluation of the many deficiencies of the Prime Minister’s deal, please read the attached briefing document. It is laughable that Mrs May is claiming that it would be a “catastrophic breach of trust” for MPs not to support the WA! Once you understand what the WA entails it is clear that precisely the reverse is true!

On Tuesday, I sincerely urge you to honour the 53% BREXIT majority of the Worthing West constituency vote by rejecting this unwanted and damaging deal. Let’s leave on WTO Terms and restore our national sovereignty!

Yours sincerely,
Adrian Price and Jan Weston
Mike Jelliss,
14 Jan 2019, 11:43