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Letter to Sir Peter Bottomley re. military action in Syria

Thursday 12th April 2018

Dear Sir Peter,

I understand that the Prime Minister has called an emergency Cabinet meeting to discuss attacking Syrian government forces. Apparently blood-drenched war-monger Tony Blair is recommending that Theresa May do so without seeking Parliamentary authorisation.

I write to demand that you oppose any kind of military action by British forces in Syria. Such action would be completely unjustified, in total violation of International Law, and would risk a full-scale confrontation with Russian forces that would be likely to escalate rapidly into all-out war. Given the conflicting geopolitical interests of Saudi Arabia, Iran, Turkey and other states in this region and nuclear-armed Israel, Russia and China, such a military confrontation could easily trigger World War III and involve the use of nuclear and other weapons of mass destruction, potentially all over the globe.

Like many of your constituents I have been listening to the false and hypocritical official narrative on the Syrian and Skripal situations with incredulity and anger. The latest claims that Syrian government forces have used chemical weapons on their own people are utterly absurd and there is no credible evidence to support them. Why, when Syrian and Russian forces have been so successful in ridding the country of the terrorist insurgents, and when the West has clearly drawn ‘red lines’ over the use of chemical weapons, would Assad deliberately provoke the response we are now seeing? It  doesn’t make any strategic or tactical sense whatsoever, to say nothing of the lack of solid evidence for any such attack or of the true identity of its perpetrators. Quite the reverse – there is far more compelling evidence that western-backed anti-Syrian government forces are responsible for staging a series of false flag and purely theatrical attacks. These so-called moderates have behaved with utter barbarity towards the captive Syrian civilian population in the occupied areas, starving, raping, killing, torturing them, kidnapping and using them as human shields, aided and abetted by the infamous western-backed White Helmets who, contrary to official narratives are effectively embedded with these terrorists and care little for the civilians. Humanitarian aid destined for the civilian population is frequently stolen by the White Helmets and used by them and the terrorists alike. Al Qaeda, Daesh/ISIS and most of the so-called ‘moderate rebel’ forces are in truth the creations of the West, through the agency of their allies Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Turkey and Israel.

Regime change in Syria has long been the agenda for the Anglo-US deep state power axis, just one of a long series of illegal and immoral wars the West has waged in the Middle East. We know from the well-documented utterances of US General Wesley Clark that since well before 2007 the US planned to “Take out 7 countries in 5 years”, including Syria. When the Princess of Wales Regiment visited Worthing in 2009 upon their return from a tour of duty in Afghanistan a Captain even told me that a Syrian invasion by the West was in plan.

The disgraceful readiness of the Prime Minister, Foreign Secretary and others to blame Russia for the Skripal Novichok poisoning, purely on the basis of tenuous circumstantial evidence and in direct contradiction of the Porton Down report, is yet another instalment in a long-running anti-Russian propaganda campaign intended to shift public opinion in favour of conflict with Russia. These so-called Novichok nerve agents were in fact developed in a laboratory in Uzbekistan, which was subsequently dismantled by US agents, these compounds then being investigated in the USA. The chemical formulae for the agents were described in detail by the Russian defector Dr Vil Mirzyanov who made their existence known to the West and published them in a publicly available book. Any competent chemist with access to that information and precursor chemicals (such as are routinely used for the industrial production of organophosphate herbicides) could synthesize the agents in a suitably equipped laboratory. That aside, the whole handling of the Salisbury site exhibited a total violation of well-established safety protocols for the containment of such extreme chemical hazards, according to a number of highly trained commentators. There are so many holes in the official narrative you could drive a bus through it.

For a truthful up-to-date commentary on these matters, please see today’s UK Column Lunchtime news.

No, the British public are clearly being hoodwinked with a false narrative that has led us to this unbelievably dangerous juncture. This is exactly the kind of situation I had in mind when at the Worthing 2017 General Election Hustings I asked my question about whether the candidates would support Baroness Falkner’s “Armed Forces Deployment (Royal Prerogative) Bill [HL] 2016-17” Private Members’ Bill. Apart from yourself, all candidates emphatically rejected the bill without hesitation: whatever the ill-founded precedents for using the Royal Prerogative to wage war, such a weighty and potentially catastrophic decision MUST NOT be left to a single individual, nor even to the Cabinet. Any further military action in Syria MUST receive authorisation from both the UN Security Council AND Parliament.

Yours sincerely,

Adrian Price