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Brexit News

Secret EU documents PROVE Tony Blair was SCHEMING with Bloc Officials 17/08/2019
‘Drunk Steve’ now living in MULTI-MILLION pound house next to Jacob Rees-Mogg! 17/08/2019

Project Fact debunks Project Fear 16/08/2019
Poll: 54 Per Cent of Brits Want Brexit ‘By Any Means’, Including Suspending Parliament 16/08/2019

Death of Britain’s Deep State 10/08/2019

Our pro-Remain electoral watchdog should be abolished 27/07/2019
‘The Electoral Commission thought I was an easy target’ 27/07/2019
EU Defence Union Spelt Out By New President of the Commission 25/07/2019
The EU Parliament thinks it can “respond to Boris Johnson’s election” 24/07/2019

HIGH COURT FINDS ELECTORAL COMMISSION UNFIT FOR PURPOSE 05/07/2019The post-Brexit ‘trade deal’ you weren’t told about 02/07/2019
Guide for Remain voters 22/06/2019
Vassalage or Power 17/06/2019
MPs' no-deal vote – what does this mean for Brexit? 17/06/0019
Brexit: What happens now BBC? 16/06/2019 (it has to be NO DEAL or it will go on for years and years.) Mike Jelliss

The biggest lie ever told 15/06/2019
Rory Stewart vows to ‘bring down’ Tory leadership rival Boris Johnson over no-deal Brexit threat 13/06/2019
REVEALED: Hard Brexit threat leaves EU terrified fishermen won't have access to UK waters 13/06/2019
The 10 Tories who vote to hand power to Corbyn 13/06/2019

EU has negotiated Brexit like a hostile foreign power 28/05/2019
Where do the elections leave Europe's nationalists? 28/05/2019

European elections 2019: latest country-by-country polls 24/05/2019
179 States sell to the EU with NO Customs Union or Single Market membership 22/05/2019
The millions in EU funding the BBC tried to hide 20/05/2019
The EU Elections: likely outcomes and consequences 20/05/2019

Foreign Interference? EU Brexit Boss Verhofstadt Campaigns for Anti-Brexit Party in UK 16/05/2019
There are lies and there are lies 16/05/2019
Tories lose fifth of their voters to Nigel Farage's Brexit Party in new poll blow for Theresa May 16/05/2019

MAY IN THE DOCK: Court Case Challenges Brexit Extension 10/05/2019
Delingpole: Olly Robbins Killed Brexit.  10/05/2019
European elections could reveal popularity and chaos of populists 10/05/2019
Gerard Batten To STEP DOWN After European Elections 06/05/2019

What is the EU planning next? The EU Defence Union 03/05/2019
History will damn the BBC over Brexit 03/05/2019
UKIP South East EU election candidate Piers Wauchope 29/04/2019

British Politics in 2019 27/04/2019
Gerard walks out on Sky News  27/04/2019 All these interviewers want to do is repeatedly ask Gerard the same negative questions. They are more like interrogators than interviewers. 
Nicola Sturgeon announces plans for Scottish #indyref2 to ‘avoid worst damage of Brexit’  25/04/2019
UKIPs Gerard Batten interviewed on looming EU Parliament elections 24/04/2019
Ten reasons why the European Parliament elections are the most pointless in British history 23/04/2019

Brexit: The Constitutional Position 20/04/2019BBC Journalist stutters when UKIP point out that the BBC is a remain organisation. Gerard Batten 20/04/2019


‘A Tainted Result’ – Anger as Criminal MP ‘Wearing a Tag’ Helps Anti-Brexit Bill Pass by One Vote 05/04/2019
17 Million F*ck Offs - A Song About Brexit
Independence day cancelled or the death of the UK? 01/03/2019